The Best Guitar Learning Apps in the Mobile Market

Learning a new instrument is always a little bit difficult. When we talk about strings, instruments are even harder. There are lots of different chords. You have two options: Having lots of lessons with a teacher that will teach you music theory or getting a simple guitar app that will teach you some songs. There …

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The Best Dynamic Microphones

There are different types of Microphones in the market, but Dynamic Mics are the best for audio recording with highly noise cancellation features.  Whether you are a professional or amateur looking for top-quality recordings, this list of Best Dynamic Microphones will help you determine the most suitable choice for you. If you were wondering “Which is the  Best Dynamic Microphone …

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Types of Microphones

When it comes to microphones there are a variety of options to choose from. Whether you want to process a home-based or professional recording. What are the best microphones in the market? It highly depends on the user performance and requirement of sound quality. Here are the best-proven Microphones for all different users in 2021. …

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Best Electronic Drum Pads

Electronic drums offer a lot of things that acoustic drums don’t. Whether it be synth sounds, music loops, or click track capabilities, there are a lot of things that would work well along with acoustic drum kits. So, electronic drum pads have become the hybrid solution. You can place them in your acoustic setup to …

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