Best Acoustic Guitars Under $1500

Best Acoustic Guitars Under $1500

With $1500 in your pocket, you can make some pretty amazing deals, but things can be tricky as well. This budget puts you somewhere in the middle of the road. That’s not enough for a high-end instrument but on the other side, you can get a professional-grade acoustic guitar that won’t let you down in any situation.

Guitars in this price range usually feature pretty amazing fit and finish, while the overall craftsmanship is at a high level as well. Also, playability is amazing, though you would probably have to visit a luthier to do some fine adjustments. Soundwise, you may count on pretty common things. This is a price range where you won’t find some exotic tonewoods, but rather proven and reliable choices.

Pretty much every guitar in this price range features great overall quality. Still, some instruments offer a little bit more than others for money. Therefore, we made a list of best acoustic guitars under $1500, to help you make the right choice.

What to Look on Guitars under $1500?

As we’ve just mentioned, this is the price range where you can find some pretty amazing instruments, while most feature pretty great overall quality. Also, you have a choice of different guitar shapes, tonewoods and finishes. If you want to learn more about different types of acoustic guitars and tonewoods, check out our Best Acoustic Guitars Under $2000 list. You will find a lot of useful information there, which will help you make the right choice, in accordance with your preferences.

Best Acoustic Guitars Under $1500

Blueridge BR-240A

Best Acoustic Guitars Under 00 - Blueridge BR-240A

We will start our list of best acoustic guitars under $1500 with the most common, dreadnought shape and among guitars of this type, the Blueridge BR240A is definitely a great choice. This company is well-known for the great overall quality of its instruments, and this one is no exception. It is pretty high, while fit and finish are decent as well.

When it comes to the tonal aspect of the guitar, you may count on a nice combination of Adirondack spruce top and mahogany back and sides. Such a combination provides a quite balanced tone, though we would say that the guitar is a little bit on the bright side. The Blueridge BR-240A is surprisingly loud.

The neck is also made of mahogany. It is slim, while the string action is pretty low, which combined with nice ebony fingerboard provides pretty smooth feel under fingers. Styling-wise, you may count on a natural spruce finish, while the headstock is made from rosewood. Finally, count on typical tortoise binding.

The Blueridge BR-240A comes with a nice gig bag. Although not exactly a hard case, it is pretty sturdy and comes with massive pads, so you may count on excellent protection of your beloved instrument.


  • Pretty clear and loud sound
  • Comfortable and playable neck
  • Sounds vintage, looks vintage


  • Just a couple of details in terms of fit and finish

Guild D-20

Best Acoustic Guitars Under 00 Guild D-20

Another typical dreadnought shape on the list but with completely different sound characteristics. Unlike most guitars that use mahogany only for back, sides and neck, this one uses this wood for the top as well. In practice, this means a lot of interesting things. Generally, you may count on a typical dreadnought sound, but the sound that delivers significantly increased dose of warmth, thanks to all that mahogany.

That fine balance between warmth and clarity is something you won’t find on many other guitars in this price range. Of course, that’s not the only quality this guitar has. You may count on a nice rosewood fingerboard which feels nice under fingers, while the bridge is made from the same material. Also, you may count on classic open-gear tuners which are well-designed and stay in tune no matter how aggressive is your playing style.

These are all pretty vintage features, which is no wonder considering that the D-20 is based on the legendary D-25, which was introduced way back in the ‘60s. Therefore, the styling is also pretty old-school. Of course, just mahogany is enough to provide a hi-end look, while a super-thin finish makes it look much more expensive than it actually is. If you love the mahogany top sound, you will find this guitar a pretty amazing piece of gear.


  • Warm but also clean tone
  • Beautiful vintage look
  • Comfortable neck
  • Hard case included


  • Mahogany top isn’t everyone’s cup of tea

Taylor 214ce-K

Taylor 214ce-K

It’s hard to imagine a list without brands like Taylor, even though we are talking about best guitars under $1500. For this occasion, we’ve picked the company’s most famous, original Grand Auditorium shape, which comes in a single-cutaway layout, for easier reach of higher frets and better overall playability.

If you’re familiar with Taylor guitars, you know that they are built with excellent precision. Of course, the Taylor 214ce-K is no exception, despite we are talking about something relatively affordable, given the brand’s reputation. Fit and finish are great, while we particularly like the neck profile and setup, which is low, but not too low. Such a setup provides an excellent balance between playability and sound quality.

In terms of sound characteristics, this model relies on proven solutions. You will find a common Sitka spruce top, which comes in a combination with layered rosewood on back and sides. Layered wood is highly beneficial in terms of durability, while the sound is pretty balanced. The guitar is loud and doesn’t lose its original tonal character, no matter if you’re picking, strumming or fingerpicking.

Finally, you may count on the company’s well-known and proven ES2 electronics, with excellent behind-the-saddle pickup and impressive preamp section, which is, at the same time, super easy to use.


  • Balanced and loud GA tone
  • Super-comfortable neck
  • Hi-quality electronics
  • Great fit and finish


  • A fine setup would be required

Takamine EF341SC

Best Acoustic Guitars Under 00 - Takamine EF341SC

Takamine EF341SC is a true legend. Famous for excellent precision, the Japanese manufacturer has an impressive portfolio of amazing guitar models and we particularly like this one. It is a perfect performance machine, which is comfortable to play, sounds great, and features excellent electronics.

The Takamine EF341SC features a cedar top and laminated maple back and sides. That’s not the most common tonewood combination in this price range, but the sound is absolutely amazing. You may count on excellent clarity, while the cedar top ensures lots of low-end tones as well. The tone is rich and warm, while EF341SC electronics are some of the best units in the business. This system will keep the natural guitar tone intact, no matter how loud you play. Also, you may count on a built-in tuner.

The neck is made of mahogany. A modern C-shape neck comes in a combination with rosewood pickguard ensures amazing comfort and playability. This guitar sounds great but also looks very attractive. You may count on a glossy piano black finish, white binding, diamond inlays, and many other fancy details. Fit, finish and final touches look impressive and we have to say that this one of the rare instruments in this price range that doesn’t necessarily require a visit to a luthier for fine setup unless you have some specific preferences.


  • Great sound quality
  • Excellent fit and finish
  • Hi-class electronics
  • Comfortable neck


  • Nothing special

Eastman Traditional E20P

Best Acoustic Guitars Under 00Eastman E20P

For the end of our list of best acoustic guitars under $1500, we’ve picked a classic Parlor guitar. The Eastman Traditional E20P is a perfect representative of this guitar style. It is a perfect choice for all those who are looking for a great fingerpicking instrument. The overall quality is great, while we particularly like a full load of vintage details.

In terms of base features, things are pretty typical. You may count on an Adirondack spruce top, while the sides and back are made from rosewood. This is a quite premium tonewood combination, typical for higher-grade instruments. In this case, you get a pretty articulated sound, characterized by impressive sustain. This particularly works great for fingerstyle picking, though Eastman Traditional E20P can do many other things as well.

The neck is made from mahogany and it comes in a combination of the ebony fretboard.

This guitar is full of vintage details, such as open-gear Gotoh tuners, bone nut, and saddle. All these things have a nice impact on sound and playability but also impact visual appeal. The top comes in a natural finish, which looks very nice in a combination with shiny binding.


  • Premium tonewood combination
  • Perfect for fingerpicking
  • Hardshell case
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Heavy pickers won’t find it very inspiring


This would be our list of best acoustic guitars under $1500. Given the price range, we can say that all of these guitars are really amazing instruments, with great build quality and fantastic sound characteristics. Still, keep in mind that the list includes guitars with quite interesting differences in terms of design and features, so everyone can pick a perfect one, in accordance with his/her preferences.

Still, if we have to pick one, that would be Takamine EF341SC. Simply, it offers impressive overall quality and it is arguably the most versatile guitar on the list. It features excellent fit and finish, while the playability is at a high level as well. The tonewood combination makes it great of all kinds of music genres and playing styles, while EF341SC electronics ensure impressive sound quality no matter the volume.

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