2019's Best Acoustic Guitars under $300, $400 $500 & $1000

2019’s Best Acoustic Guitars under $300, $400 $500 & $1000

If you are a music lover and seeking the best acoustic guitar under $300, $500 or $1000, then you’ll get much more than you actually think.

Top-notch brands, similar companies that make luxurious guitars for expert performers.

Feature acoustic guitars sound great, look good and still acceptable into your budget.

These are high-quality instruments, decent enough for intermediate and even more advanced guitarists.

But, if you are a beginner guitarist, it’s better for you to spend a little extra money on a guitar prepared by eminent manufacturers. Buying cheap brand starter acoustic guitar is not a good idea. Good-Quality acoustic guitars have higher resale values as compared to low-quality acoustic guitars.

In this article, we’ll discuss various acoustic guitars from the finest guitar manufacturers in the world. I’ll take care to keep you under your acceptable budget but maintaining the quality above your expectations. We have researched dozen of guitars and narrowed the search down to a limited number. Let’s get started!

Top 5 Acoustic Guitars under $300 – $400

Here is a quick list of top 5 Acoustic Guitars. You can review more information about each acoustic guitar below.

1. Yamaha FS830

2. Yamaha FG830

3. Epiphone AJ-220S

4. Yamaha APX600

5. Fender T-Bucket 300CE

Let’s discuss more in detail information on each instrument:

Yamaha FS830 Review

Yamaha is a most respected and solid instruments manufacturers in the world, specialized in each and everything from pianos to guitars. Their solid acoustic guitars are excellent. Yamaha also offers low price range guitars as well. Yamaha FS series is among utmost popular acoustic instruments of all time and receives good ratings from customers because of great value and sound quality. It’s an outstanding acoustic guitar for intermediate or even beginner’s guitarists, or for an expert player who would love an extra guitar.

The sound quality of Yamaha FS830 is tremendous and the price is reasonable. This guitar has solid rosewood side & backs, the fingerboard is also created by rosewood. Yamaha FS830 is capable of great things you can play this guitar in a huge variety of settings.

Are you seeking a lightweight acoustic guitar? Then, welcome this guitar is made to match your needs. The wood generates pronounced tones and weight is less than 12 pounds! The design of this acoustic will definitely get you excited and every time you look at it you’ll play it. Yamaha FS830 is very unique and different from other models it has good overall sound quality. This guitar sound’s great and makes people amazed around when you play it. Yamaha FS830 has a flexible truss rod you can adjust it to meet your playing needs.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to pick up the size. Why does size matter?

If you like bigger guitars with a larger sound, then you must buy a dreadnought size. However, if you love smaller size guitars, then go for concert size. Each size gives you options and diversity during your conclusion making the process.

Yamaha FS830



· Sounds are professional and crisp

· Thin guitar neck easy to play

· Low and mid-range both sound qualities are available

· Smoots frets

· 2 body shapes

· Top notch wood quality

· Bracing technology makes it durable and strong

· Fantastic built-in toner available

· Wonderful bound neck

· Fretboard/action are wonderful

· Great machine heads

· Top notch electronics

· Sound quality is beautiful

· Warranty available depends on your location


· Buzzing frets not good for some players

· Setting up is the difficult first time

· Bridge, pins, and saddle are made of plastic

· Case of the guitar not included

Yamaha FG830 Review

There are some strong reasons to consider this YamahaFG830 acoustic guitar. Let’s discuss why? The Yamaha FG830 is made of rock-solid spruce, the back and sides are nato wood, rosewood covers the fingerboard and the bridge.

The marvellous design of YamahaFG830 will get you more excited to play this beautiful guitar every day. This is a unique guitar, not a ”Plain Jane” guitar it looks different from other models. Each of the Yamaha FG830 is unique and different, without making an alteration to its effective, overall sound. The variety of woods used in the manufacturing process makes it’s an exclusive sound guitar that fits your playing need and everyone appreciates you when you play this beautiful guitar.

Are you seeking good sound quality? Then, you are right this guitar is made to meet your needs it has marvellous sound quality. The best quality wood used to make this guitar generates a pronounced tone. YamahaFG830 has marvellous sound quality you’ll fall in love once you play this acoustic guitar. Yamaha FG830 equipped with top features including Die cast Tuners, Adjustable tuners. Solid Sticks Apure etc.

If you are a fan of different choices, then you are going to love YamahaFG830. Let’s start with the shape and style of this guitar. You can select an acoustic-electric guitar or an acoustic guitar.

Yamaha FG830



· Fantastic sustain

· Durable dreadnought body

· Excellent sound quality

· Comes with strong and clear bass

· Price is very affordable

· Rich projection

· Good toners

· Outstanding low-end response

· Top notch solid machine heads and wood

· Best for beginners and expert players

· Durable and strong body

· Many overtones

· Impressive sonic effect

· Solid spruce top


· Needs professional setups

· Dreadnought size too larger for beginners

· Doesn’t come with Cutaway makes it limited

· Low-quality bridge

Epiphone AJ-220S Review

Epiphone AJ-220S is an entry-level guitar acoustic guitar, priced for everyone to afford. Epiphone-AJ-220S dressed in a stunning finish, and including appointments you’d often discover on high-end instruments. This guitar not just looks good but it sounds good too. It has an advanced jumbo frame design, width of shoulders and depth of the frame creates a big sound chamber, and presents a loud and deep tone for you.

Are you looking for a cutaway body design? Epiphone-AJ220S has cutaway body design that provides you comfort when you try to access the upper-register frets on the fretboard of rosewood. The Epiphone’s sides and back are paired with solid Sitka spruce that brings out ironic harmonics, Clarity in tone, and lots of projections. Guitar’s neck and body joined with a Titebond-glue that makes this guitar stable, without dropping any subtleties in the quality tone.

Epiphone-AJ220S equipped with the latest electronics system, it will let you plug and play and amplify painlessly and quickly. The Nano flex pickup used in this guitar is capable of passing on all organic and harmonic dimensions of the Epiphone’s acoustic sound spectrum. These Nano flex pickups produce an open sound and convey natural harmonic tones. Shadow developed by a unique technology that shields and amplifies directly at the pickups. This new technology keeps sound losses at an absolute lowest and gives you a guarantee of a signal that is fully free of noise.



· Quality features in affordable price

· Great Slim Taper neck and excellent action for ease while playing

· Compact mahogany neck for better sustain and tone

· Unique sunburst vintage design and attractive style

· Compatible for both beginner and advanced players


· Complains about buzzes

· The adjustment needs expertise at first

· When living in a dry environment it will start to warp a bit

· Doesn’t come with string or guitar case with the package

Yamaha APX600 Review

Even though its new addition to Yamaha’s extensive acoustic guitar series, the Yamaha APX600 is at present incredibly popular among customers. It’s a best acoustic guitar Yamaha built for beginners and intermediate level guitarist. I will guarantee you once you pick this guitar in your hands you’ll fall in love with it. The Yamaha APX600, therefore, keeps a similar design and body shape which offers an extra and comfortable playing and holding experience compared to a dreadnought guitar.

Are you looking for a small scale length? The Yamaha APX600 is made to meet your needs and it has reduced scale length and narrow string space, both are changed to enhance the playability.

The materials used in the manufacturing process are same too other Yamaha acoustic models, with three-ply nato sides and back. The neck of the guitar is made of a color finished nato, including 22 frets and rosewood fretboard, which are effortlessly accessible thanks to the finest cutaway. Yamaha APX600 comes in 4 different charming colors you can pick from an old-style natural finish or a sophisticated glossy black, sophisticated Oriental burst blue, and cool Vintage White.

Yamaha APX600 is electro-acoustic guitar, featuring a piezo pickup designed structure with solid AA-batteries that offers decent flexibility. The Yamaha APX600 constructs on the victory of previous and existing models and provides decent sound quality. Yamaha APX600 is compatible with beginners, in truth, APX600 has an exceptional electro-acoustic this guitar has something for everyone. It has everything for guitarist including unique shape, slim body, solid electronics, and swift playability.

Yamaha APX600



· Great sustain and rich tone

· Clear and strong base

· Impressive sonic impact

· Good value for the money

· Sleek design and look

· Exceptional performance

· It has strong durability

· Equipped with the latest electronics

· Great playability

· Increased acoustic volume and response


· May requires specialized tuning over time

· smaller specs

Fender Squier Acoustic Guitar Review

Are you stressed to get a top-notch acoustic guitar? Never waste your honorable time on cheap stuff that isn’t worth your time and money. Let me introduce you this brand new Fender Acoustic Guitar to you. Fender Squier guards your finger against scratching, thus more pleasurable and much comfortable while playing.

The name of this guitar Fender Squire itself shows that this is a valuable quality and affordable guitar. Fender Squire worth your time and money. We hereby provide a quick review of this beautiful Acoustic Guitar for your better understanding.

Who needs it utmost? What? Or when it is used for? Fender Squier is easy to use and it’s a premium Acoustic Guitar. This Acoustic Guitar is flawless and all level of players can buy this and enjoy playing this. It is best for beginners and also compatible with advanced level guitarists. Its straightforward and simple features need less time and energy to be the best guitarist. These qualities make it a unique guitar for beginners.

Fender Squier can play both folk and soul, as well as easy open-position chords. This feature makes it easy to play by beginners level players. Beginners always love to play this Acoustic Guitar because it’s easy to use. It has a full-size dreadnought body and gives a great guitar playing experience through full vibrant sound. This will benefit you so you can adapt and play a different kind of tones easily. Fender Squier has laminated nato sides, top, and back with a natural glossy finish. Its glossy finish makes it beautiful and high-quality guitar in the market due to its robust durability. Chrome plated tuning machines used in this guitar need no tuning at all. Fender Squire will provide you utmost adequate satisfaction and convenience during your exercise as a starter. These unique qualities are making Fender Square be the best product in retail stores and online stores.

Fender Squier Acoustic Guitar



· Affordable price

· Solid top

· Full-size/Dreadnought

· Glossy finish body

· Beginners accessories are include

· Laminated spruce top

· Nato solid neck

· Tuning pegs are chrome plated

· Rosewood fingerboard

· Laminated nato sides and back


· Laminated fingerboard

· Dreadnought size not comfortable for some beginners

Best Acoustic Guitars for Under $500

Okay! Now we are going to discuss the best Acoustic Guitar under $500. Here is a list of top 5 Acoustic Guitars that we have picked after research these are best guitars for under $500 budget.

1. Yamaha CGX122MSC

2. La Patrie Etude

3. Kremona 6 String

4. Alhambra 6 String 1OP-US

5. Cordoba C5-CET

Now we are going to review each of them one by one, so stay with me and it will definitely help you out to choose the best Acoustic Guitar under your budget and gives you the best output.

Yamaha CGX122MSC Review

The electro-acoustic Yamaha CGX122MSC is a high-quality guitar, electronic and material used in this guitar are rock solid. There are many reasons as Yamaha CGX is on the top on our list of best acoustic guitars under$500. Well, it comes with a high price tag. Worth the extra cash? Let’s discuss it out.

Yamaha CGX122MSC feels like a high-quality instrument and looks very appealing as soon as you purchase this marvelous guitar. It has a minor cutaway to provide you easy access to higher rolls. The scale length of Yamaha CGX is 25.5” and it sports a familiar design. Solid Engelmann spruce used is the main selling point of this acoustic guitar. It has a nato side and back to give you the best stability and sound quality.

The hardware used in the CGX122MSC allows its natural features to shine through. This guitar is equipped with one of the most excellent systems 61 A.R.T and 61 preamps two-way pickup system. This system offers a natural tone and a professional-quality amplification. Elsewhere, its hardware is pretty ordinary but praises the overall good quality sensation.

The nato and spruce both give you a balanced sound and great response. The tone develops and opens in warmth overtimes, thanks to the rock-solid top. Through an amp, this warm sound remains natural, and exceptional control allows you to shape the tone to match your need and style. It’s a comfortable guitar for beginners and expert players. Tones are beautiful both acoustically and plug. In my opinion, this is one of the best guitars under $500 just buy and you’ll amaze by the high quality of YamahaCGX.

Yamaha CGX122MSC



· The guitar has solid nato sides and back

· Weight of the guitar is 6015 pounds

· It has top-notch quality

· It has a compact spruce top

· Premium quality

· Built-in high-quality tuner

· Built-in pickup system

· Impressive performance


· Some minor flaws in the finish

· Low wear resistance

La Patrie Etude Review

La Patrie Etude is a fine quality guitar for beginners and middle-level players. Keeps in tune, easy to play, and sounds tremendous. The La Patrie offer you fantastic value for your hard earned money. This is not just for beginners but much better for experienced guitarists. We know it’s not easy to find a Canadian guitar that sounds great and costs you little.

To notch the body size of this acoustic guitar makes its tone more responsive. The thinner neck and tapered fretboard make it easy for you to play and hold this excessive guitar. It has a solid rosewood side and back. This instrument is made of high-quality rosewood and always best specimens are used in the manufacturing process of this guitar. The amazing thing is that it’s a purely handmade guitar, and have impressive levels of construct quality.

La Patrie always keeps thing simple for you and hardware used in this guitar is simple and reliable. Its standard rosewood bridge is connected with a compensated saddle to maintain and deliver great sustainability. The hardware is made to assure you best performance. You just have to professionally set it up and you’ll receive full potential from its hardware.

The clinical, sharp tone goes very well with acoustic guitars. Rosewood back and sides always gives fully balanced tones which are neither too stiff nor too soft. You’ll get a full range, projection, and volume once you start fingerpicking on strings. I don’t think so that in this price range you’ll find a better guitar than this acoustic guitar.

La Patrie Etude



· Excellent sound quality

· Great look

· It has a deep base

· Clear higher notes

· Thinner neck

· Double functional truss rod

· Compensated saddle and Tusq nut for better intonation

· Nylon strings

· Value for money

· Nicely crafted

· Compact design


· Tuning machine is just okay

· Unmarked frets

Kremona 6 String S65C Review

Kremona 6 Sting S65C Acoustic Guitar is an easy to play guitar for beginners and also compatible for an advanced level guitarist. Re you looking for a full sized guitar? You are at the right place this is a full-sized acoustic guitar, Kremona 6 Sting is a handcrafted guitar with an excellent finish. The body of the guitar is made with a solid cedar top and side with an eye-catching and natural finish. The neck is joined with a D-shaped mahogany dovetail joint, accommodate the rosewood fingerboard equipped nineteen frets and a 2.05 inches wide nut.

The hardware used in Kremona 6 Sting guitar is excellent and durable. The hardware allows you to stay in tune and gives you a super precision. It will give you a tremendous playing experience with no complaints with the hardware department. Rosewood overlaid headstock and six gold tuners make it durable for you. The bridge of this guitar is also made with high-quality rosewood.

The tones and sound that comes out through its strings are just awesome. Nylon strings are used in this guitar makes it unique and easy to play. Upon taking your 1st swing at this guitar strings, you’ll suddenly fall in love with its phenomenal sound quality. Sounds are highly accomplished, so which can be described as warm and rich. I guarantee you wouldn’t expect any other guitar like this under $500. The neck is easily accessible and sporty smooth comfort allows you excellent playability, fret and nullifying buzz.

Kremona 6 String S65C



· Top notch quality

· Amazing sound quality

· Great quality tone wood

· Great looks

· Very lightweight

· Nylon strings are easy to play

· Warm tones

· Durable and long lasting

· Rosewood bridge and fingerboard

· Entirely handcrafted


· Volume is ok not that high

· Saddle so low and Action too high

Alhambra 6 String 1OP-US Review

Alhambra 6 Stings will definitely surprise you with its attractive design. Solid quality wood is used in the manufacturing process of this guitar. It has a solid cedar top and maple bindings. It has rosewood fingerboard, mahogany sides & back and neck. Radios of the neck are 650mm it allows you to easily hold and play this beautiful guitar. Its machine heads and string are nickel plated and make this a durable acoustic guitar. Alhambra comes with a gig bag included in the package.

Alhambra will give you a marvelous sound quality. This is a tuneful and well-made acoustic guitar to meet your needs. This is a best acoustic guitar for beginner level players and also useful for medium level players. This beautifully designed guitar will attract you daily to play and enjoy your training. It comes with high-quality strings that will allow you to play it more easily without hurting your fingers. The wood is used in the manufacturing process is solid and gives you high-quality sound every time you play this acoustic guitar.

In my opinion, this is a good guitar under $500. It has value for your hard earned money. Alhamabra 6 Sting 10p is a quite decent instrument once you pick this guitar in your hands you’ll love this guitar forever. If you are looking for a decent acoustic under $500 must consider this guitar.

Alhambra 6 String 1OP-US



· Solid cedar top

· No loss of amplitude or tone

· Included quality string

· Made from rock-hard wood

· It’s lightweight

· Amazing sound quality

· Durable

· Comes with case

· Gig bag included

· Nickle plated strings and machine heads

· Mahogany sides & back

· Value for money


· Action is too high

· Looks bland

Cordoba C5-CET Review

Cobra always tends to impress you at all levels, from beginner level to gorgeous premium acoustic guitars. Cobra C5-CET equipped with some of the most interesting features. For under$500, it sounds very appealing. So let’s start to explore what’s on offer for you?

Are you looking for beautiful guitar? Great! Cobra never makes bad looking guitars, it’s not surprising for you to hear that the C5-CET sounds great and looks great. Its glossy black and natural finish make sit very elegant and attractive for you. The body is very lightweight and comfortable to hold and play thanks to its sleek thin line design. The sides and back are made from mahogany, on the other hand, the neck is also mahogany. Surprisingly the neck has thinner in depth, which allows you to play it easily. A soft cutaway is added to enhance playability, which assists you to higher frets.

The C-CET is fitted out with a compact Fishman lsys+preamp hardware system. You’ll find a control panel that offers master volume control knobs and 2 band EQ controls. Built-in digital tuner and phase switch is also included in this guitar. The bridge is manufactured with Indian rosewood. The case is not included but in this price, it’s a good option you can consider.

The solid mahogany combined with cedar gives a delightful warm sound and it will grow ironic as time passes. This is a good option to consider if you are planning to buy an acoustic guitar under $500.

Cordoba C5-CET



· Affordable

· Lightweight guitar

· Awesome sound quality

· Sufficiently loud

· The left-handed model also available

· Bone made nut and saddle

· Ideal for beginner’s factory settled

· Its truss rod is custom made

· The electronic-acoustic version also available


· Decent pickup but not that good

· High action not compatible with some players

Best Acoustic Guitars for Under $1000

Ah, the sweet-smelling premium Acoustic Guitar, while an Acoustic Guar in this premium category may not believe high-end by everybody, spending $1000 on an acoustic guitar is very serious purchase for every guitarist. Thankfully, we have selected the guitars in our chart that has value for money for you. Let’s start

1. Blueridge BR-140

2. Taylor 114ce 100 Series

3. Taylor 214ce 200 Series

4. Yamaha LL-TA

5. Yamaha FG850 Acoustic

Blueridge BR-140 Review

Blueridge made its identity by focusing on old-style guitars but with some modern twists. The company aimed to manufacture vintage-style guitars but at an affordable price. It’s rare to find an Acoustic Guitar that managed to give you the best quality at a very affordable price. Blueridge is a dreadnought guitar having a solid Sitka top that gives you a traditional sound. The sides and back are made with mahogany, a great class material that will cost less but not compromise on performance and durability. The neck is made of mahogany too and having a slim body offers you a comfortable grip and playability.

Blueridge never compromises on hardware quality. Hardware used in this acoustic guitar is robust and gives you an astounding sound quality. The bridge plate, bridge, and fingerboards are made of Indian rosewood. The dovetail neck and truss rod joints on the neck and provide huge stability, comfort, and rigidity while you play this awesome guitar. The nut and saddle are made of bone it’s a huge asset of this guitar. Open-back nickel-plated toners give you a very authentic look. The BR-140 has a fine quality gloss-finish and never obstruct sound production and vibrations. Agint tuner is a great feature added to increase its beautiful vintage look of BR-140.

The fine quality materials and tone wood used into this guitar gives you much better quality sound. The great combination of material is used while manufacturing this acoustic guitar. It will give you beautiful sound quality. It has fine and pure quality vintage sound very loud and rich in quality.

Blueridge BR-140



· Pure vintage sound

· Comfortable

· Great tone wood

· Solid Sitka spruce

· Solid mahogany sides and back

· Lightweight

· Rosewood fingerboard

· Smoot playability

· Comes with bag

· Excellent sound quality

· Durable

· Beautiful glossy finish


· Might be expensive for beginners

Taylor 114ce 100 Series Review

Taylor 114ce is an impressive auditorium Acoustic Guitar with a long length of 25.5”. A slighter minor portion of the cutaway is also available. The Taylor 114ce has solid Sitka spruce made of solid wood with matte varnished finishing and bracing patterns. Back and sides are made of laminated walnut wood. The craftsmanship used to build this awesome guitar will amaze you. When first time you look this beautiful guitar you’d definitely say this has both minimalistic and traditional looks. The body of the guitar has a beautiful finished matte finish. It has 20 frets. This guitar has an ebony style fingerboard which gives you great playability.

The hardware used on this piece has top-notch quality. The pickup sensor has an exclusive positioning system and calibrated individually. This guitar has a built-in preamp system. The preamp offers you bass dial, volume dial, subtle EQ controls, and treble dial. Internal pickup system ES-T allows you to take full control of the strings individually. This quality makes it very easy to play this guitar for any level of musician. Sealed chrome tuners are available on the headstock. It will help you out for long-lasting tunings and prevent distortions. The bridge is ebony styled.

It has a flawless sound quality and it will exceed your expectations. This guitar produces a precise and grant tone. This is a perfect guitar for any king genre of songs the tone gives clarity and warmth both. It will give you a high-class gain sustain which is perfect for audience and musicians both. One of the most unique qualities of this guitar is it never distorts the sound quality even if you play at a maximum volume.

Taylor 114ce 100



· Great playability

· Solid build quality

· Smooth neck

· Its sturdiness gives you confidence

· Doesn’t requires too much tuning

· Tuning survives for a long time

· Lightweight

· Durable

· Sleek design


· No onboard tuner

· Low-quality plastic

· Fret metal quality is not good

Taylor 214ce 200 Series Review

Taylor 214ce features a dense Sitka spruce layered and top. Sides and back are laminated. Rosewood is used in the manufacturing process of this acoustic guitar. The unique part of this guitar is its Venetian cutaway with a slope with round and soft edges. The back of this guitar is constructed with Indian 3 layered rosewood. This is a perfect guitar for all level of players with a huge variety of picking and strumming styles. Other unique specifications include a gloss finish, white binding on the body and beautiful stain surface on the neck. It’s an all-rounder and versatile guitar for all types of guitarists.

Taylor 214ce is equipped with the latest electronics system. Taylor 214ce features a patented ES2 pickup modern design. This will gives you an unequaled dynamic range of acoustic sound. Taylor 214ce provides an exceptional responsive tone. The ESC feature makes this guitar unique from others. The electronics installed in Taylor 214ce makes this guitar all-rounder. It is suitable for a full auditorium play or for a small crowd.

Taylor 214ce has a marvelous and loud sound quality. It’s an auditorium sized instrument with good quality tone. It offers you the richness and depth of a very traditional dreadnought sound. The big auditorium body size also assists you to sharpen the delimitations for each note. Final words this is a great choice for every level of the guitarist from beginners to the advanced level guitarist.

Taylor 214ce 200



· Top-notch quality and value

· Impressive craftwork

· Fun to play and feels good

· Premium grade materials

· Value for Money

· Solid sticks spruce layered and top

· Grand Auditorium body

· Venetian cutaway

· Expression system 2

· Easy to play

· Very durable

· Good for daily use

· Cheaper than other Taylor guitars


· Steep price for average persons

· Laminated wood is not good

· Sound more electric

Yamaha LL-TA Review

Yamaha LL-Ta is a wonderful guitar for tasting uncanny experience. The Yamaha LL-TA is a Tran’s acoustic guitar. The built-in chorus and reverbs will give you great sound in a large hall. The Yamaha LL-Ta is a great acoustic fun guitar to play on. Its super clean framework and low actions make it versatile to play anything you want to play. You can effortlessly play stretchy Barres chord for long periods. The material used in manufacturing is solid rosewood. The neck of this acoustic guitar is made of a 5 ply mahogany. It has an ebony style fretboards. Die-cast gold tuners are used in this beautiful guitar makes it very unique.

The Tran Acoustic system used in this guitar is reliable and an actuator is fitted in the middle of the guitar. This actuator is made of metal and when activated it reflects the string vibrations, cause chorusing and reverbing effects. The chorus and reverb levels are being controlled by small knobs. This system is powered by 2 AA batteries, these batteries are easily accessible under a sliding compartment. Yamaha LL-TA is one of the most versatile and compatible guitars for all level of guitarist.

Yamaha LL-TA



· High-end construction and production

· Solid rosewood sides and back

· Great feel and playability

· Creates its own chorus and verbs acoustically

· Expertly crafted

· Un-amplified ambiance

· Onboard system70


· Mid and bright-tone might not charm some

Yamaha FG850 Review

The Yamaha FG850 is equipped with the latest features that will give you amazing playability. The strings are used in this guitar allows you full comfort to play easily. The comfortability of this guitar is one of the best features that makes it unique among others. While playing this marvelous guitar you’ll never feel any discomfort or buzz around the fingers. This guitar is made for both advanced level and beginner’s players.

The design of Yamaha FG850 is impressive and it will always provide you a robust sound quality. This guitar has a premium sound quality and it’s compatible for any type of modern and advanced guitarist. It will offer you original wood sounds because of the mahogany body. In my opinion, there is no other guitar offers you a good sound quality like FG850. It has beautiful and unique design back and sides are made of mahogany. Mahogany allows it to produce a warm and rich sound. If you love louder sounds guitar than this is the best option for you to consider.

The FG850 acoustic guitar is made of worthy materials and top-notch craftsmanship. The top of this guitar is made of solid spruce, the neck is wisely bounded to its dreadnought body to make it more durable. The Fg850 is one of the best options to consider under $1000 in my opinion and research. This acoustic guitar has defined sound projections and more rich tones. It has value for your hard earned money.

Yamaha FG850



· Die-cast tuners

· Rosewood solid fingerboard

· Solid mahogany top

· Mahogany rock-solid sides and back

· Scalloped bracing

· Various woods and colors

· Price


· Poor stings


Acoustic guitars can be more expensive, and it’s hard to choose a decent acoustic guitar. You can spend $300, $500, or up to $1000 and looking for something that can walk away with you and last long. You can also purchase a high range of acoustic guitar but in my opinion, you’ll definitely find a good guitar in the list above.

After watching several videos and customers reviews, I have listed some of the great acoustic guitar under $300, $500, and $1000. I personally suggest you consider Yamaha FS830, Buleridge BR-140, and La Patrie Etude. These are the best acoustic guitars in my list and have value for your hard earned cash. Each of the acoustic guitar we have mentioned in this article has special features that make these guitars special. It’s up to you to pick which of them fits your need. Regardless of which acoustic guitar you choose, we wish you all the best in picking the new best playing instrument for you.

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