Top 5 Best Cheap Acoustic Guitars: The Best Buyers Guide.

When talking about musical instruments, the most popular ones are the strings ones. We are not talking about the ukulele or the violin. We are obviously talking about the piano; Bad jokes aside, it’s pretty obvious that we are talking about the king of the musical instruments: The acoustic guitar. But not any acoustic guitar, the kings of musical instruments are the best cheap acoustic guitars.

This instrument comes in so many varieties that it is impossible to count each one. Some are made of rosewood, and others are made of mahogany; there are budget options, premium quality options, some made of laminated wood, and others made of solid wood.

There are concert variants, jumbo models, acoustic electrics models. Some others use special materials or a combination of different kinds of woods. There are so many different versions of this instrument that If I tried to count every one of them, I am sure that It will take me at least a week or two just to cover the beginner’s variants.

So this article will feature the most important options when talking about the best cheap Acoustic Guitars. I will choose those with the best Sound Quality and (very important) the ones that have the best price (this is important because most of the lists out there don’t take into account the Budget Acoustic options on the market).

Best Cheap Acoustic Guitars on Amazon 

Fender CD-60S

It is very probable that if you like to play these instruments, or if you call yourself a guitarist, you may know a little about Fender, or at least know what a Fender is. This is part of the Acoustic model series. It is actually a very nice instrument with a warm sound of great quality. Its warm tone has no comparison with any other option.

It is an instrument that uses a combination of rosewood on the instrument’s body, and it uses mahogany on the rest of the construction. These allow a very nice finish, a very comfortable fingerboard, and an advanced range of options regarding the guitar’s playability, which has a wider style of notes.

Best Cheap Acoustic Guitars
Image Source: Wikipedia in Spanish

It has a combination of tonewoods, something that makes the rosewood bridge of the guitar more special. This is because the rosewood fretboard enhances the solid mahogany neck that allows the use of different strings.

This was a norm in the Fender Cd 140s series that is conserved in this 60s. The main difference between the Fender Cd 140s and this guitar is that the Fender Cd 140s used a dreadnought body with a solid Sitka spruce. This allowed the guitar to have a mid-range of sound.

4 out of 5 stars

  • It has a quality seal. This is because it comes from one of the best brands in the music industry.
  • The design is very vintage and nice to see. 
  • It comes with a backpack, an electronic tuner, a set of extra nylon strings, a strap, and a DVD with guitar lessons for beginner guitar players.

A very nice option if you want to start to learn how to play with the right foot.

Vizcaya VBG38

This brand is not very known in the United States. However, in Europe and Latin America is one of the most interesting brands. This is a laminated Basswood body guitar with an interesting fretboard. One of the principal difference between this model and other is it natural cut for left-handed people.

The resonance of the soundbox of this guitar is very nice. It allows you to get a nice and warm melody when used by any person. Also, the rosewood bridge allows the user to get a more accurate and well-balanced performance. This is an entry-level guitar with some features that put it in the upper-division.

3 out of 5 stars

  • The body shape allows left-handed people to play it without difficulties.
  • The headstock allows you to change the tuning while playing.
  • Any other guitar can’t achieve the clarity of the sound on the market.

The perfect guitar for your practice Sessions.

Soozier K190

This guitar is made out of birch. It also uses some mahogany on the body. This allows you to get a pretty cheap acoustic guitar and, at the same time, to get one of the best resonance on an entry-level acoustic guitar. I would recommend this guitar mostly because it is very comfortable to get your fingers on the frets.

The nylon strings are also of better quality than the most used one, which prevents them from breaking or shaping while playing. Also, the guitar’s construction uses the Natural flexibility of the birch to get a better projection of the sound, something that in this range of price is sometimes forgotten.

The best part of this guitar is the use of a Mahogany Neck. It is made out of solid mahogany, so you can totally get a sound clarity that is superior in this price range, at least better than the Sitka spruce ones.

If you can make any change to it (talking to a luthier, for example), you should put a Rosewood Bridge and Rosewood Fretboard. This is because even though it is a cheap acoustic, it could be a little fragile (especially in moisture).

There is a model of this cheap guitar that is made like a Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar. The only bad thing about that acoustic instrument is that it can’t use stock strings (you only can use the brand ones), which is part of the most expensive models (at least for this price range).

3 out of 5 stars.

  • It allows you to play different music styles without any kind of problem.
  • It has a glossy finish. This is very nice to see and highly aesthetic.
  • The Body shape is similar to one of the premium level guitars.

A nice guitar if you don’t have a high budget

Yamaha fg820

When we talk about Acoustic Guitars, one of the last things that we think about is Yamaha. This is because we mostly think of this brand when thinking about motorcycles or other kinds of electronic devices. However, the reality is that they are responsible for some of the best options on the market.

This is a Budget Acoustic option. The price is very low /you can totally fin it under 500 dollars), and the quality of the sound and the finish is on another level. It also uses strings of great value, which allows you to play hours and hours of music without any kind of problem.

I will recommend this guitar to anyone, anytime, because it has been my personal guitar. (Well, being more accurate, my guitar is an fg800. However, this is a superior variant, so you will totally understand why I recommend it). I think that what makes this guitar the best option for beginners is the bridge.

Cheap Acoustic Guitars-Brooklyn fine guitars.
Image Source: Brooklin fine guitars

It is one of the best concert options. I have played almost all genres and styles on my guitar, from country music to rock-pop. Also, it is very friendly to composers, so if you are a musician that is interested in an option with great playability, All the FG series is the perfect option for you.

5 out of 5 stars

  • It has some steel parts to reinforce the construction and avoid it from breaking easily.
  • The design is very aesthetic, especially the soundhole. This sound Hole benefits from the natural resonance of the mahogany to get a resonant sound.
  • It is one of the best acoustic guitars on the market, and if you are looking for a budget option, it is one of the best ones.

It is perfect for experienced players and beginners alike—one of the best acoustic sounds with a wide tonal spectrum.

Fender Squier

With its quality acoustic and familiar tone, this laminate guitar made out of mahogany is the perfect option if you want to get a nice sound. Even though it is a budget instrument, it has something very special: a wide fingerboard. This allows the guitarist to get a better sound projection.

It also has a black finish that is very aesthetic. It is a perfect option if you want a concert guitar but doesn’t have too much money. This specific style is very interesting because even though it has a Dreadnought shape, it is an Orchestra style guitar. Yeah, you read that right: An Orchestra instrument.

So if you want to experiment with how a Dreadnought Style guitar feels on hand and want to get the best quality sound on the market, this guitar is totally for you.

Without a doubt, it is an Excellent Option thanks to the cutaway body. It is an article that any guitar owner needs to have. Thanks to the solid wood body, it is a delight to play this acoustic instrument. 

If you can make any change to the guitar, just use bone nut instead of a rosewood fingerboard. This will make the sound clearer (thanks to the rich sound of that tonewood), or if you want something more in the line of the experienced players, use an Indian rosewood fingerboard (an excellent option).

4 out of 5

  • Its vibrant tone allows you to get really good and interesting notes.
  • You can replace the basic nylon strings with metal strings without fearing to ruin the fretboard material.
  • It is a cheap acoustic guitar that will be very useful for beginners.

It has a balanced tone, thanks to the combination of tonewoods that are used in the construction. Perfect for Blues and similar genres.

Which are the best cheap acoustic guitar brands on the market?


Navarra is both the name of an autonomic community in Spain and one of the best cheap acoustic guitar brands on the market. You can found guitars of this brand under the 500 dollars range. This allows you to get a pretty solid quality tone for a pretty low price.


Did you know that Ibanez has an acoustic guitar series? Well, know, you know. Like FenderFender, Squier, Gibson, and other brands, they are most recognized for their electric guitars, but they also have some acoustic options that use tonewood of high quality.

Most of their models use mahogany, as well as other west African woods. This allows their guitar tones to be in the range of higher quality for a very low price (at least if we compare with other guitar brands on the market).


I already recommended this brand. Most of their guitars have a dreadnought style. This allows us to get a warmer sound and a more interesting tone.

Also, solid tonewood and a combination of different tonewoods (like mahogany, jasmine, and rosewood) allow the musician to get a better sound tone (and helps to get better protection on some critical parts of the guitar, like the bridge).


They are the cheap electric-acoustic guitars from Gibson. They have very nice quality, but you can have better options if you have a bigger budget. If you are looking for a good guitar with a nice tone for under 500 dollars, well, this brand will help you.

A useful thing that can come in handy is that almost every one of their guitars’ packs comes with both a strap and a tuner. So if you want to save some money and don’t buy those things on their own, without any doubt this brand will help you a lot.

Martin Smith

This is a brand that has specialized since the beginning of this kind of product. If what you want is a high-quality acoustic guitar with the best guitar sound on the market, without a doubt, I will recommend you to get a Martin. It will be worth every penny you use in buying one.

Everything you need to know before buying an acoustic guitar.

Comfort While playing 

The comfort while playing is, in my opinion, one of the fundamental factors to take into account when buying an acoustic guitar. And this is especially important for beginners. Comfort makes us enjoy the process more, which increases our motivation and causes us to keep practicing and improving.

Action (or height).

The action is the distance we find between the neck and the strings. The higher it is, the greater the distance. This causes us to push the strings with our fingers more strongly, which can be very uncomfortable and make the learning process more difficult.

Therefore, it will always be preferable to buy a model with low action. In the cases in which we find ourselves with a high action guitar, we can take it to the luthier to adjust it. The luthier is the professional who makes and arranges plucked string instruments such as guitars.

Neck hardness

It is closely linked to the action since a low action will give us the feeling of a “softer” bridge. To understand it well, we can say that a guitar, or rather its neck, is soft when it gives us the feeling that we can play the strings to make the chords sound without exerting excessive force.

Also, when we move along the neck with ease to change from one chord to another.


Of course, the sound is also a fundamental factor. After all, music is about making sounds that generate emotions in people.

A guitar’s mechanism is very simple: we have some strings that are tightened, and when they vibrate, they emit sound waves. These sound waves are amplified in the resonance box, and in this way, we manage to project the sound towards the outside.

With this explanation, it seems logical to think that both the strings and the soundboard and its woods are the ones that come into play when making the sound of an acoustic guitar.

If I should recommend something, is that you should go for the Indian rosewood fingerboard.

Also, go for a solid wood body (especially a cutaway body style). Other woods that are also very interesting are the bone nut or the wild cherry.

Talking about the shape, you should totally go with the classic dreadnought ( this last one is mostly used in dreadnought acoustic guitars). It has a nice touch and is mostly unexpensive.

Another recommendation (if you are looking for a cheap guitar or a cheap acoustic) is to go for a solid spruce body. It may not be the most affordable guitar among the budget guitars, but there is a reason to select spruce.

Mostly because the spruce is the only other option (there is also the option to buy a laminated mahogany body), but if you select spruce, you will have fewer problems with the clip-on tuner. Also, the spruce is perfect for any beginner acoustic because it doesn’t require a lot of care. 


There are many different brands and qualities. They are also available in different thicknesses. The thinner ones are easier to play but have a sound with less presence and less projection.

The thicker ones do get that presence and projection, but in exchange, we will need to have trained fingers because it is required to exert a greater force when using them.

Resonance box and woods

The soundboard is responsible for collecting the sound caused by the vibration of the strings and expand it to project it to the outside. Its construction quality and the woods used are a key factor.

The most used wood types are spruce, cedar, mahogany, maple, and rosewood (Both the normal one and the Indian rosewood).

Besides, we can find wood of two types, laminated or solid. The sound of solid wood is richer in nuances and projects a higher volume and is usually the one used in high-end guitars.

Acoustic Guitars - Your Ultimate Guide from Andertons Music Co.
Image Source: Andertons UK

The most economical guitars are usually made with laminated wood because this allows them to produce them at a much lower cost and thus to be able to sell them also at affordable prices.

If you can afford other price ranges, you should go to the ones that use solid woods (solid spruce will sound better than the laminated one).


The fact that a guitar is easily tuned and that this tuning is maintained over time is also a factor to consider.

The tuning has a lot to do with the pegbox because if it is of quality and well built, it will keep the strings’ tension that makes the guitar sound in tune.

Wich are the most commons body types when talking about guitars?

We have different body types for acoustic guitars in terms of shape and dimensions:

  • Dreadnought: They are a type of acoustic guitars with a bigger body, making it possible that they have an optimal projection of sound. It is one of the most common types of acoustic guitars. It can be played with guitar picks or fingers.
  • Jumbo: It is the largest type of acoustic guitar we can find. This causes that its sound projection is unsurpassable, and so we can find a higher quality sound. They are ideal for country music.
  • Parlor: It is the smallest size that we can find in guitars. Its smaller size makes them more comfortable and manageable, but they have a lower volume projection. They are ideal for blues and folk.
  • 0/00/000: This is the classification made by the legendary brand of Martin acoustic guitars, although in practice, it has also become a standard. The 0 is the smallest size, the 00 the medium one, and the 000 the largest.
  • The Tylor brand divides them between Grand Concert, Grand Auditorium, Grand Symphony, and Grand Orchestra (this last one the biggest)
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