Best Clip-on Guitar Tuners

Best Clip-on Guitar Tuners

Tuners – there are a lot of different kinds available on the market in this day of age.
Do you find it frustrating to tune your guitar by ear? -Well, clip-on tuners are here to help!

In the past, musicians used to tune their instruments with the help of a tuning fork.
In contrast to today’s technology, with a tuning fork, you would get the pitch of one tone (usually A), and then you would tune your instrument’s other strings relatively, by ear.

Well, in this time of age we have Clip-on tuners that use a vibration sensor for recognizing the notes. As a result of that, you won’t need any cables. Also, you can tune your guitar even in a noisy room. Well, these are our top picks.

Snark SN-8 Super Tight (Best Clip-on Tuners)

Snark SN-8 Clip on Tuner
Snark Super Tight clip-on tuner

First, the Snark SN-8 Super Tight is an affordable, but decent tuner.
Second, it is an all-instrument tuner that you can use t0 tune a bass, violin, mandolin, or whatever string instrument that you want to.

In addition to that, The SN-8 Super Tight has a very bright, full-color display, which is very helpful in gigging situations where it can get pretty dark.
Also, the display rotates 360 degrees, allowing you to clip it wherever on the headstock, and feel comfortable while tuning.
Another fancy thing is the Tap-tempo button on the side of the display.
Apart from this, the SN-8 has a Pitch-calibration button, and Transpose buttons on its back.

Also, it has a power-saving feature: it dims its display if it doesn’t hear any sound for five seconds.
Besides this, it automatically shuts-off if it doesn’t detect any sound for two minutes.


  • Affordable!
  • Fast and Accurate;
  • Bright display that rotates 360 degrees;
  • Extra features;


  • The SN-8 has a weak point – the part that holds the swivel is very fragile, and can easily be broken.

Peterson StroboClip HD

Peterson StroboClip HD - Best Clip on Tuners
Peterson StroboClip HD

Just like the name suggests, this tuner is a Strobe Tuner.
For the reason of understanding how strobe tuners work, you need to watch this video:

How does a Strobe Tuner work

The StroboClip HD is a true strobe tuner. As a result of that, it provides 1/10th cent tuning accuracy.
It has a bright, backlit display, and a large rubber-padded clip.
Furthermore, it has a three-point rotating design.
The body of the tuner feels very sturdy.
Additionally, it has over fifty “sweetened” tuning customizations tailored for every instrument type.

Also, you have the ability to drop the tunings up to -6 semitones, and capo up to +5, plus adjust the A Range from 390Hz to 490Hz. Amazing, right?
Also, you can update its firmware through the USB port on the Tuner.


  • Extremely accurate!
  • Versatile;
  • Fantastic display;


  • A bit pricier than others (You get what you pay for!);

Korg PC1 Pitchclip (Best Clip-on Tuners)

Korg PC1 PitchClip - Best Clip on Tuners
Korg PC1 PitchClip

With its well-thought and modern design, the Korg PC1 Pitchclip tuner has become a very popular choice when it comes to clip-on tuners. Although being an affordable tuner, the Korg PC1 provides reliable and precise tuning experience.

It has a 120-degree tilting hinge, which allows easy viewing no matter if you clip your tuner on the front or on the back of your headstock. In addition to this, its bright LED display also offers a Reverse-feature, so you won’t have to tune your guitar while looking at an upside-down display. In order to reverse the display, you just have to press and hold the power button on the tuner.

Furthermore, this tuner has an Auto Power-Off feature that prolongs the life of the battery, which can last up to seventeen hours. It is available in several different colors.


  • Affordable;
  • Intuitive and Easy-to-use;
  • Interesting design;
  • Good for beginners;


  • The indicator tends to jump around and never settle;
  • Its display is fixed;
  • Briefly, there are way more accurate tuners than this one;

TC Electronic PolyTune

TC Electronic PolyTune - Best Clip-on Tuners
TC Electronic PolyTune Clip-on Tuner

The TC Electronic PolyTune Clip Tuner is a polyphonic clip-on tuner with some awesome specifications.

To start off, the PolyTune HD has a rather nice design.
Namely, it has a wide LED display that is bright enough for both very dark and very bright environments.

Additionally, it automatically sets to the right orientation, no matter if you like to put it on the front or on the back of the headstock (if you are left-handed you will very much appreciate this too).

Also, its clip is made from brushed stainless steel, it has rubber pads on the jaw, and a very strong spring, so yeah you can bet that it has a steady grip.

What does it really offer?

Well, just like the name suggests, this tuner is a polyphonic one. As a result of that, you can strum all of your strings, and they will appear on the tuner.
Consequently, this is an awesome feature for gigging situations, where you would want to tune as quickly as possible.

The PolyTune Clip is a beast when it comes to accuracy too. Speaking of which, it has two modes when it comes to accuracy– a needle mode, and a strobe mode.
The needle mode provides an accuracy of -/+ 0.5 cents, while the strobe mode provides an accuracy of -/+ 0.02 cents.

Furthermore, it offers both flat and capo tunings and you can actually store your preferred tuning, and it will later recall (most of the other tuners will go back to default once you powered them off).
It should be noted that this tuner has a reference pitch feature.


  • Fast!
  • Very precise;
  • Versatile;
  • Great design;


  • It eats up the batteries extremely quickly;

KLIQ UberTuner (Best Clip-on Tuners)

KLIQ UberTuner - Best Clip-on Tuners
KLIQ UberTuner Clip-on Tuner

As a result of its affordable price, the UberTuner is a very popular choice among musicians.

Despite being an affordable tuner, it provides decent preciseness and ease of use.
Also, it is very nicely designed. It feels sturdy, it has a chunky, plastic clip with rubber pads and a nice tilting profile that will allow you to set it right where you want it to without having any problem seeing the display.

The UberTuner has a large, full-color display that is very bright and convenient for any type of environment. On the side of the display, you will find the knobs which will allow you to change the modes of the tuner, and to change the frequency of the pitch. It has Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Violin, and Chromatic mode.
Also, you can calibrate A4 from 430Hz to 450Hz.
Besides that, it has an accuracy of +/- 1 cent.

  • Pros:
  • Very nice display;
  • Won’t break the bank;
  • Better than your tuning app;


  • Not accurate;
  • Tends to lose its steadiness, and not stand straight;
  • It can come defective;
  • You have to hold the buttons for a couple of seconds for them to operate;

D’Addario NS Micro (Best Clip-On Tuners)

D’Addario NS Micro - Best Clip-on Tuner
D’Addario NS Micro clip-on tuner

The D’Addario NS Micro Tuner is one of the smallest clip-on tuners available on the market. Undoubtedly, if you are like us, and you don’t want a big, chunky clip on your headstock, you will love it.

The NS Micro by D’Addario has a padded clamp instead of a clip, and a three-color display that swivels in 360 degrees. The display can be flipped, so you won’t encounter any problem whether you want to put it on the front or the back of the headstock.

Also, being a Chromatic tuner, it can be used for all sorts of tunings and different instruments without a problem. A great feature is that you can calibrate it from 410Hz to 480Hz (A4).

It has four buttons – Power On/Off, a Flip-switch for the screen, and Left/Right Calibration buttons.


  • Small design;
  • Cheap;
  • Easy to use;


  • It doesn’t track well, especially Low notes;
  • Not very accurate;
  • It can become glitchy;

MOOER CT-01 (Best Clip-on Tuners)

MOOER CT-01 - Best Clip-on Tuners
MOOER CT-01 Clip-on Tuner

The CT-01 tuner by Mooer is both Guitar and Bass guitar compatible.
It has a metal clip, and a 180-degree pivoting hinge, so you can mount it on the sweet spot on your headstock and be able to see what’s happening properly.

It has a bright, two-color LED display with indicators big enough even for older folks.
As a result of that, you can tune your instrument even in a very dark room with this tuner.

As well as that, the display is also gravity-sensitive, which means it will automatically flip up to the desired side.
The Mooer CT-01 has one button with two functions – with it you can power on/off the device, and change the pitch frequency from 435H to 445Hz (A).

Worth to mention is the power-saving mode – after ten seconds the display dims.
Subsequently, after two minutes it shuts off automatically.


  • Very affordable;
  • Great for beginners;
  • Bright display;


  • There are more accurate tuners;

Boss TU-10 (Best Clip-on Tuners)

Boss TU-10 Best Clip-on Tuners
Boss TU-10 Clip-on Tuner

Whether you are new in the guitar world, or you are already an experienced fellow, the chances you own a product from Boss are huge.
Their products are well-known for their reliability and durability.
Boss TU-10 is not an exception in that manner.

The TU-10 is a Chromatic tuner, with a sturdy body, and a design that assures longevity. The grips on the clip are rubber-padded, and won’t damage the finish on your headstock.

An interesting feature is that it has both LED and LCD display.
As a result of that, the TU-10 works great both in dark environments and outdoor situations.

On the back of the tuner, there are two buttons, with which you access the extra features: changing reference pitch (436Hz to 445Hz), flat tunings, Accu-pitch, and Stream mode. Additionally, it has a tuning range from C0 to C8, and it provides an accuracy of +/- 1 cent.


  • Versatile;
  • Durable;
  • Accurate;


  • It doesn’t rotate;


There are a lot of clip-on tuners, and not every one of them is the same.
As a result of that, some are more accurate than others, while others offer more versatility when it comes to flat/capo tunings. Some can change the reference pitch, and at the same time, others work great for multiple instruments.
And while some can last you a lifetime, others are very fragile and won’t last long.

That’s why, in this article, we tried to cover the best of them – the ones that offer a good value for the money. Additionally, our best advice is to do in-depth research before purchasing one of these. Also, trying before buying is always a good idea too. Good luck!



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