30 Best Gifts for Drummers

Most people have musicians for friends and those musicians are often drummers. Luckily, drummers are pretty easy to buy gifts for. There are hundreds of accessories to aid in a drummer’s journey, ranging in prices. 

If you have a drummer friend in need of a gift, look no further than the list we’re about to give you. This list is comprehensive and includes gifts for all budgets. Let’s begin. 

1. T-Shirt

Drummer T Shirt

T-shirts are a timeless gift that anyone will like no matter what age, gender, or type. This makes them a great gift for drummers. Most drum and cymbal brands have merchandise sections of the company that produce items of clothing with the brand names on. 

One company that is known for pushing their clothing brand is Vic Firth. They offer several T-shirts with different designs. Some are busier than others, so choose a design that you think your drummer friend will love. 

A key aspect of getting this gift is finding out which gear your drummer friend uses. It wouldn’t work out too well if you get them a Vic Firth shirt while they’re actually loyal Promark users. 

If you’re not sure which gear brands they use, perhaps a simple drumming-related graphic shirt would work better. Something like a basic color along with an image of drum sticks is a good idea. Perhaps a picture of a drum kit with a funky caption. There are many creative designs out there. So, be on the lookout!

2. Drum Sticks

Pair of Drum Sticks

Sticks are one of the most important pieces of gear to have, making them an excellent gift. This idea can literally never go wrong since drummers tend to go through drum sticks quickly, meaning they will always need more. 

These groove-making tools come in different shapes and sizes and every drummer has their own personal preferences when it comes to that. That means that you’ll need to find out which stick size your drummer friend uses. You’ll need to get hold of a pair of their sticks and look for the number and letter near the bottom. Most sticks will have either 5A, 7A, or 5B written on them. 

It’s not the end of the world if you get the wrong stick size. It may even encourage them to try new things. If your friend is an experienced drummer, you’ll need to get them sticks from high-quality brands like Promark or Vic Firth. If they’re a beginner drummer, it doesn’t matter which brand you get as they won’t be accustomed to high-quality sticks yet. 

3. Drum Key

Drum Key

Drum keys are small tools used to tune drums. They’re sometimes used to tighten lugs on drum pedals and stands as well. Every drum kit player needs a key at some point. It’s a common trend for drummers to lose their drum keys. So, it’s better to have many of them lying around in different places. 

Some keys are way fancier than others. If you feel like spoiling your drummer friend, a collector’s key for drums could be an excellent gift. This may encourage them not to lose the key as it will have more value than a standard one. 

Many keys have the option of being attached to a key chain. If you want to get one of those, make sure it isn’t big and bulky as that may discourage any drummers from putting it with their main key chain. 

Standard keys are very cheap, meaning you could put together a bundle of them for a gift. 

4. Practice Pad

Practice Pad

Drums are a seriously loud instrument and noise complaints are something that drummers have to constantly deal with. Many players need to make plans for practicing that won’t trigger noise complaints and general irritation from people around them. This is how practice pads came to be. 

These drum pads are small pieces of rubber that resemble the look and feel of a drum. They’re used for practicing technique and rudiments without making too much noise. Most drummers have a practice pad. Some drummers even have more than one to set up a practice drum kit. 

Practice drum pads come in all shapes and sizes. Some even come with built-in metronomes. Whatever it looks like, just know that your drummer friend is going to be extremely grateful for it. 

A quality drum pad will last decades even when played on frequently. So, it’s a great investment for any drummer and a fantastic gift idea. 

5. Drummer Mug 

Drummer Mug

Another classic gift idea with a drumming spin. Any mug with something drum-related printed on it would work. It could be a drum kit or it could be a quote from a famous drummer. Everyone uses mugs, so why not get one with a personal touch. Easy and inexpensive! 

6. Drum Heads 

Drum Heads

Drum heads are the skins on the surfaces of drums. They control the tone and feel of the kit. A drummer will replace them depending on how often he plays and how worn out they get. 

If you want to get a head as a gift, a snare drum head would be the best thing to get. Snare drums are hit the most and their heads wear out quicker. There is more variety in snare heads and most players love to play around with different sounds and tones. Most snare drums are 14″, so make sure to get a snare head that size. 

If you want to spend a bit more money, you could get a set of heads for the toms. You’d need to find out what the size of your friend‘s toms are first. If they play heavy music like rock and metal, two-ply tom heads would be better. If they play jazz, get some one-ply coated tom heads. 

The main drum skin companies to look out for would be Evans, Remo, and Aquarian. 

7. Snare Drum

Snare Drum

Every drummer will agree that you can never have too many snare drums. This makes it one of the best gifts for drummers. Snare drums are the main point of every drum kit setup. They’re going to be played the most and will provide the main tone for a drum kit sound. 

Most drummers have two or more snare drums because they’ll swap them out for different situations. One gig may need a popping high-pitched snare while another will need a low, fat, and thuddy snare. Many drummers will have a snare rack at home to place all their different snares on. 

An interesting gift for someone would be a piccolo snare. These snares are much shallower than typical snares. They have a cracking sound and are often used as auxiliary drums in a setup. 

Another idea would be a deep snare. A snare that is 6.5 to 8 inches deep will provide a seriosuly thick tone that will add variety to any snare collection. 

If the person you’re buying it for has a wooden snare, a metal snare would add some variety to their setup.

8. Moongels


Moongels are small blue pieces of rubber that stick to the heads of drums. They help to cut down on sustain and overtones. The more Moongels you put on a drum, the tighter and more controlled it sounds. 

They come in sets of 6 that are put in a tiny round container. This container can be placed in a stick bag for safekeeping. It will also then be readily available when a drummer plays gigs. 

This product is a wonderful gift idea because a drummer can use Moongels on his own kit or when he plays on other kits at gig venues. They stick easily onto surfaces and can be pulled off easily as well. 

If one Moongel dampens the drum too much, you can easily rip it in half to get less dampening. 

9. In-Ear Monitors 

In-Ear Monitors

In-Ear monitors are great gifts for drummers. If you have a friend that is a professional drummer, this may be the perfect gift. In-ear monitors are specifically designed to fit comfortably in a musician’s ear and produce high-quality sound. A good pair of ear-monitors will also block out some sound from the drums, preventing potential hearing loss. 

The main type of drummer that will use ear monitors will be one that frequently plays gigs. He’ll plug them into a sound system and will hear all the instruments from the band. 

Ear monitors range heavily in price. Some custom-molded ones are incredibly expensive while other standard ones are affordable. 

Some good ear monitor companies would include Shure, Behringer, Senheiser, and Audio-Technica

10. Cymbals 


Every drum setup has a set of cymbals. The cymbals are the shiny metal things that are placed above the drums on stands. If you’re thinking about getting a gift, a cymbal may be a great option as most drummers use multiple cymbals. 

The different types of cymbals are hi-hats, crashes, rides, splashes, and chinas. The best gift for drummers regarding cymbals would be a crash cymbal. Most drum setups utilize more than one crash whereas only one of the other types of cymbals is used in a setup. For example, you won’t often see a drummer with more than one pair of hi-hats. 

Cymbals have unique sound qualities and fit in different situations. If the person you’re buying the gift for plays heavy and loud music, a bright crash cymbal would be good. If they play jazz, a dark crash cymbal would be better. 

Another option is to get a full set of cymbals. This could be for your child or spouse that needs an upgrade from their low-quality cymbals. Cymbal companies sell some of their cymbals in packs and it saves costs on buying individual cymbals. 

Some famous high-quality cymbal brands to look out for are Zildjian, Meinl, Sabian, and Paiste. 

11. Zildjian Cymbal Clock 

Zildjian Cymbal Clock

The Zildjian Cymbal Clock is a fantastic novelty gift for any drummer. It’s basically a 13″ Zildjian cymbal that has been converted into a clock. Perfect for anyone who loves drum souvenirs, it will sit comfortably on a wall and tell you the time. 

It has a minimalist aesthetic as numbers aren’t printed around the edges. It’s just a cymbal with an hour and a minute hand. It also has a smartly printed Zildjian name across the bottom. 

The perfect place to hang this clock would be above the drums in a practice room.

12. Drumstick Pencils

Drum Stick Pencils

Another novelty gift on the list, drumstick pencils are a perfect way of saying “here are some drum-related things to make you smile”. They’re not the most practical things out there. They’ll probably break if you play drums with them. However, they work perfectly well as pencils while looking cool at the same time. 

13. Bass Drum Beaters

Bass Drum Beater

Bass drum beaters are the perfect gift for drummers who play multiple styles of music. Different beaters add variety to the sounds that you can get from a bass drum. Some beaters are hard while others are soft, some are light while others are heavy. 

Experienced drummers who play different styles would have to swap out beaters when playing different music. They may be playing a jazz gig one night and then a heavy metal gig the next. Two very different bass drum beaters would be required for that. 

Some kick drum beaters are designed specifically for quiet practicing. They don’t make as much noise as a regular beater, making that the perfect gift for anyone with sound worries. 

14. Cymbal Felts 

Cymbal Felts

Cymbal felts are the small pieces of hard wool that get placed on cymbal stands. Their purpose is to protect the cymbal from rubbing against the metal of the stand. Every drum kit has felts and they often wear out, meaning drummers regularly have to buy more of them. 

They’re an easy and affordable gift with a huge amount of practicality. You get some high-quality felts that are a big upgrade from the standard ones that come with cymbal stands. 

15. Stick Bag

Stick Bag

Yet another item that every drummer needs, stick bags provide a central location to store all of your sticks. They often come with extra compartments for smaller things, making them a great place to store accessories as well. 

Most stick bags can be strapped to a drum to provide easy access to sticks while playing. You’ll typically see drummers attach it to the floor tom on their right. 

Some stick bags are simple and cheap while others have more effort put into their design quality and function. There are some really cool bags out there with vintage looks and thick construction. 

Whichever bag you choose to get, the person you give it to will be seriously grateful. Just make sure to get a bag that isn’t too big. There are large bags out there intended for orchestral mallets. Those won’t fit onto the side of a drum. 

16. Tama’s Quick-Set Cymbal Mate

Tama Quick-Set Cymbal Mate

Tama’s Quick-Set Cymbal Mates are a sweet alternative to standard cymbal washers. They’re the things that lock the cymbals in place and control how tight or loose the cymbals are. These Cymbal Mates allow you to quickly pull them off the stand with the push of a button. This is much quicker than unscrewing a standard washer. 

You can buy these in packs of 4 and they’re a great gift for most drummers. They do however work best for drummers who are constantly changing cymbals off of stands. Drummers who record in studios often have to change cymbals to get different sounds. This product is perfect for that. 

17. Drum Books 

Drum Books

Drum books are a great gift for anyone wanting to learn. Luckily, that includes most drummers. There are educational drum books for all ages, levels, and musical styles. A key aspect of going through a drum book is having the ability to read music. If the person you’re getting the gift for can’t read drum notation, get them a book that teaches them. If they can, get them something a bit more challenging. 

Another type of drum book to get would be autobiographies. There are famous drummers who have lived extraordinary lives and have written books about it. Give one of those as a gift and let the person read about interesting situations with new perspectives. 

18. Roland SPD-SX

Roland SPD-SX

In the modern world of music, a lot of electronic instrumentation is needed. Drummers are now using electronics more than ever before. So, many drummers need a tool that lets them incorporate electronics into their acoustic setup. The Roland SPD-SX is the industry-standard piece of equipment for that. 

It’s a sampling pad that is jam-packed with features. It has hundreds of onboard sounds, loops, and effects. The SPD-SX allows drummers to trigger backing tracks, it has a built-in metronome, and it provides a platform to create some cool synth sounds. 

You’ll find that many drummers have started using the SPD-SX to play full sets in small venues like coffee shops and bars. You just need to add a bass drum trigger and you’re good to go. 

If you really want to spoil someone, the Roland SPD-SX is one of the absolute best gifts for drummers you can get. 

19. Tune Bot 

Tune Bot

The Tune Bot is a clip-on digital tuner for acoustic drums. It basically tells you how tight or loose the drum is where you’ve clipped it, allowing you to get even tension across the skin of the drum. It’s a good tool for anyone that wants pristine tuning quality across all their drums and doesn’t want to just rely on their ears. 

Drummers will figure out which tensions they like the best and then easily tune the drums back to those whenever they go out of tune. This is great for players who transport their drums around often. 

A cool feature of the Tune Bot is that you can save up to 5 tuning settings for 10 drums at a time. This is perfect for drummers who like different tunings for different situations. They’d just need to set up their preferred tuning settings and then pull those out when playing different gigs. 

20. Ear Protection 

Ear Protection

Ear protection is undoubtedly one of the best gifts for drummers. It’s a great way of saying, “Hey, I care about you. Please protect your ears so you don’t lose any hearing along the way. Keep on rocking!” 

There are many companies that sell ear protection products. Some are intended for factory workers but work well for drums. Others are designed by dedicated drum companies like Vic Firth. 

Every drummer is encouraged to use ear protection when playing. So, getting your friend some would save him from buying his own. 

21. Drum Rug 

Drum Rug

Drum rugs have two purposes. The first is to protect the floor that the drums are set up on. The feet of the bass drum tend to scratch floors on occasion, especially if those floors are wooden. The rug puts a barrier between the metal and the floor. 

The second purpose is to stop the kick drum from creeping forward. This is something that has happened to every drummer at some point in their life. It’s one of the most irritating things to happen and drum rugs are designed to stop it. It only happens when a kick drum is placed on a surface that isn’t carpeted. 

A personalized drum rug would be a great birthday gift. 

22. Metronome 


It’s no secret that drummers are meant to be time-keepers. Every drummer needs to be able to play comfortably along with a metronome. It’s one of the best tools for practicing and has become a vital aspect of performing live when using tracks in a band.  

Every cell phone has metronome apps. However, classic physical metronomes are great gifts for drummers as they allow them to practice the drums without being connected to their phones. In a world of heavy online connection, it can be beneficial to be disconnected, especially while doing something constructive like improving your drumming skills. 

Most metronomes allow you to plug headphones into them. Some have unique features that aid in development. Shop around and see which one you think would be great as a gift. 

23. Low Volume Cymbals

Low Volume Cymbals

Low Volume Cymbals are the practice pads of cymbals. They’re regular metal cymbals with many tiny holes drilled into them to greatly reduce sound. Their function is to provide the authentic feel of a cymbal while keeping the volume down. They’re great for drummers who need to keep the noise down but don’t want to play on an electronic drum kit. 

Most low volume cymbals are sold in cymbal packs, making it a wonderful gift that will have plenty of use. 

Many drummers will incorporate these cymbals into their electronic setup with the use of triggers, giving them the authentic feel of real cymbals along with electronic sounds. 

24. Silent Drum Heads 

Silent Drum Heads

Similar to the cymbals, silent drum heads are intended to keep noise levels down while providing the authentic feel of acoustic drums. These are mesh pads that you attach to the drums like regular drum heads. They can even be tuned high or low. 

If you’re planning on getting these, you would just have to find out the sizes of your friend’s drums. They’re sold in packs with different sizes for different drums. Your friend wouldn’t be able to use them if the sizes were wrong. 

If you really want to spoil someone, get these along with a pack of low volume cymbals. 

25. Drumeo Membership 

Drumeo Membership

Any educational things make great gifts for drummers. Drumeo is the top drum educational site on the web and there’s a good reason for that. They provide the absolute highest-quality drum lesson videos around. They have a dedicated team that ensures all their members are happy and growing. 

They provide lesson material for beginner, intermediate, and advanced drummers. There are hundreds of videos with lessons being taught by professional drummers who have decades of experience behind them. There are also great educational tools like play-alongs and practice journals. 

The memberships work with monthly or yearly payments. So, you could invest in your friend’s drumming by getting them one of those membership plans. 

26. Big Phat Snare Drum 


Big Phat Snare Drum is a company that has capitalized on the trend of big, low, and beefy snare sounds. They provide products that you can place on a snare and it will instantly drop the tone to make it sound deep and thuddy. 

Big Phat Snares are cool accessories to have for whenever you need that deep tone. They allow you to have the snare at a higher tuning for the most part. 

There are a few different variations of the Big Phat Snare Drum. The classic one fully covers the snare head while others only partially cover it. Some of them even have metal jingles on them to get a percussive sound. 

27. Yamaha EAD10 

Yamaha EAD10

This innovative product from Yamaha has 2 extremely cool functions. The first is that it allows you to record a full drum setup. It provides a decent sound that you would expect from 7 mics in a studio setting. This is great for drummers who want to record their drumming and make videos. 

The second function is that it turns an acoustic kit into an electronic hybrid. It picks up the sounds from the acoustic drums and triggers electronic sounds when it feels the vibrations. There are several preset kits to choose from, giving you loads of experimentation with electronic sounds. 

You simply attach a condenser mic to the bass drum and connect it to the main module. It’s one of the simplest ways to record drums and a great tool for anyone who doesn’t want to spend countless hours getting a good sound from a drum mic setup. 

28. LED Lights 

LED Lights

Sticking with the idea of drum recording, LED lights will help give a crisp and professional look to any video. Cameras love dedicated light. So, a set of LED lights will make a shot pop really well. 

They’re a great gift for someone wanting to make drum videos. There are some really expensive ones out there. However, you can find affordable ones that will work really well for drums. 

29. Brushes 


Brushes are alternatives to sticks that allow you to play softly on the drums. They’re mostly used in ballads and jazz playing. A typical pair of brushes would have several metal wires that stick out of a rubber shaft. There are some design variations across different companies. So, find one that you think looks cool and interesting. 

Every stick bag needs a pair of brushes, meaning it’s a thoughtful gift for any drummer. 

30. Drum Kit 

Drum Kit

It goes without saying that a drum kit would be the ultimate gift for any drummer. Whether they’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player, nothing matches the feeling of opening up and tuning a brand new kit. 

There are a few things to note when thinking of getting a kit. If you’re getting a drum kit for someone who doesn’t already have one, it would need to include drums, cymbals, and hardware. Luckily, most entry-level sets include all of that. 

If the kit is for someone who already has one, perhaps you could get them an upgrade. This would come in the form of a shell pack as they would already have hardware and cymbals. 

If the kit is for an advanced player who already has great equipment, you could get them a kit that fits a specific role. A great idea would be a portable kit. These are small drum kits intended for easy travel and to fit into small places. 

Drum kits can get fairly expensive. So, find one that fits your budget get ready to see the biggest smile and burst of excitement. 


Hopefully this list has given you some good ideas. Remember that any small gift means a lot to someone. You don’t need to break your bank to make someone feel special and loved. A simple shirt that says “drummers rule” can go a long way in making someone happy. Go and spoil your drummer friends. 

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