Best Guitar Looper Pedals For Live Performance(And Otherwise)

Best Guitar Looper Pedals For Live Performance(And Otherwise)

A guitar looper pedal has many utilities other than using as simple overdrives. In a nutshell, it may look like an acoustic stompbox, but it can use for creating create dozens of guitar effects, modulations, compositions, etc. Looper pedal allows you to record small segments of music and can let you loop it again and again. The recording length a looper pedal depends on the specification of the equipment, but generally, you can record an exact bar of a guitar or any musical instrument for a particular length and can be played back by tapping with your foot.

Top 19 Looper Pedals For Live Performance

Buying a looper pedal without knowing the utility options and functionalities will be a disappointing experience. Even if you are familiar with looper pedals, selecting the best looper pedals from the crowd will be a challenging experience. Read the following 20 looper pedals reviews, which would ease up your selection process.

1. Rowin Tiny Looper Electric Guitar Effect Pedal 10 Minutes of Looping Unlimited Overdubs

Rowin Tiny Looper Electric Guitar Effect Pedal 10 Minutes of Looping Unlimited Overdubs

The Rowin Tiny Looper Electric Guitar Effect Pedal works fantastic. It is durable and convenient and simple to use; one key is all it needs to provide most of the functions. The looper comes with 10 minutes of looping and unlimited overdub feature along and also undo, redo, delete features. It is an ideal replacement for the bulky, expensive looper gadgets.

The most appealing segment of the looper is its footswitch. Similarly, its audio clarity is excellent as it programmed with the inbuilt True Bypass support to reproduce undistorted looped audios. The looper is available in 4 colors and is quite affordable. The packing comes with an owner manual with all the necessary instructions. The push button works great, and you don’t have to push harder to make it work. Even the looper is tiny in size; the volume knob is big enough to make it controlling easy.


  • Unlimited overdubbing.
  • 10 minutes seamless looping.
  • Undo/redo/delete options.
  • USB port support
  • Easily upload and download music files from your PC
  • Durable and sturdy zinc alloy make.
  • One pedal switch for all operation


  • The pedal loops the sound of the click during starting.
  • Do not support Mac OS.

2. Ammoon Electric Guitar Effect Pedal Looper True Bypass Unlimited Overdubs 10 Minutes Recording with USB Cable

Ammoon Electric Guitar Effect Pedal Looper True Bypass Unlimited Overdubs 10 Minutes Recording with USB Cable

Made of durable aluminum alloy, this tiny Ammoon Electric Guitar Effect Pedal Looper True Bypass Unlimited Overdubs 10 Minutes Recording with USB Cable is set to win your heart. It can record 10 minutes continuous loops and also do unlimited overdubbing. Besides, it features redo, undo, and delete functions. While one button does most of the work, a volume knob is provided as well to adjust the output level.

You can buy this looper in two colors and is so simple to use. Quite an affordable looper and it allows you to export and import files from your PC easily. A small LED light is present at the top which will let you know which mode you are in so that you don’t end up overwriting the earlier loops accidentally.

Yet another best feature about the looper pedal is the incorporation of true bypass, which helps to deliver undistorted tone during playback and the analog-dry-through system keep the dry tone intact. It is convenient to operate on a 9V battery pack and also with a 9V external power supply.


  • Durable and easy to transport
  • Comes with unlimited overdubbing feature and 10 mins of looping time
  • A USB port for computer access
  • Looper pedal with a stop button
  • Can use with instruments without dedicated output jack.
  • True Bypass circuit for undistorted sound


  • Not reliable to use for live concerts.
  • The erased loop is audible for one or two seconds.

3. Donner Tiny Looper Guitar Effect Pedal 10 minutes of Looping 3 Modes

Donner Tiny Looper Guitar Effect Pedal 10 minutes of Looping 3 Modes

The Donner Tiny Looper Guitar Effect Pedal 10 minutes of Looping 3 Modes, comes in a tiny aluminum alloy casing is lightweight and robust. The small size of the looper helps it to fit in any of the pedal boards and is easy to carry around. It works in 3 modes- normal, ½ speed, and reverse.

You can have a10 minutes looping time, unlimited overdubbing with undo, redo and delete features in this looper pedal. Easy to use and durable features make it as the favorable choice of many professionals and amateurs. Even though it is small in size, a large level knob equipped on its interface makes it easy to control the volume.

When the pedal is active, the LED indicator confirms the same, so it can prevent you from over righting. For maintaining the signal integrity, the built-in True Bypass switch manages it with the pedal control and the tone clarity remain the same as before the looping even if you undo the effect. The quality of the audio remains intact with the support of the analog-dry-through feature. The stored loops will remain live when there is no power and can playback when power restored.

You also get the option to export and import loops from your PC using the USB provided. It works on 9V and even on AC with adaptor.


  • Durable, simple and convenient to use
  • It comes with three modes
  • 10 minutes looping
  • Instant playback
  • The level knob is easy to use
  • LED indicator for status information.
  • Unlimited dubbing.


  • Do not work on iOS
  • Limited effects

4. Zoom G1 on Guitar Effects Pedal

Zoom G1 on Guitar Effects Pedal Loop

Zoom G1 on Guitar Effects Pedal is an inexpensive looper pedal with outstanding features. It can offer 75 effects to the loops. The looper comes with 100 memory locations and also can use to create five different effects at a time, which opens up the possibility to have hundreds of music combinations.

The manufacturer provides a user’s manual for making your engagement simple and easy. It also features with a rhythm machine and tuner powered by 4AA batters which are part of the packing offer. The output jack can accommodate headphone or amplifier plugins. Out of the many options, you will find it is easy to create flanging effects, chorus, distortion, delay, and phasing.

Contrary to all these good things, it cannot undo a looping, which may disturb you a lot until you go for a re-setting in between the session. The unit weighs only 13oz making it easy to port.


  • 14 Amp
  • 75 effects
  • Can do five effects at a time
  • 100 memory locations
  • Onboard chromatic tuner
  • Onboard rhythm machine and looper


  • Cannot undo looping
  • Flimsy case

5. TC Electronic Guitar Ditto Looper Effects Pedal

TC Electronic Guitar Ditto Looper Effects Pedal Loop

TC Electronic Guitar Ditto Looper Effect Pedal is an impressive unit offering unlimited numbers of retake and undo. But you will have only 5 minutes looping time, which is okay considering its price and other features like unlimited overdubs, etc. So, in short, it is a looper designed to do the basic looping jobs.

Some of the exciting features are true bypass and analog dry through, which are very important when doing a solo or live concert. The ‘analog dry through’ allows to keep the purity of the signal, which gives the advantage of controlling the tone in its original pitch. The design of the unit focuses on the demand of the guitarists and a 9V battery power with 100mA; the Ditto Looper delivers superb bass.


  • Unlimited undo and redo
  • Unlimited overdubs
  • True bypass
  • Analog dry through
  • Works on 9V power
  • Compact size


  • Only 5 minutes looping
  • No rhythm backing

6. Ammoon AP-09 Nano Loop Electric Guitar Effect Pedal Looper True Bypass Unlimited Overdubs 10 Minutes Recording with USB Cable

Ammoon AP-09 Nano Loop Electric Guitar Effect Pedal Loop True Bypass Unlimited Overdubs 10 Minutes Recording with USB Cable

Ammoon AP-09 Nano Loop Electric Guitar Effect Pedal Looper True Bypass Unlimited Overdubs 10 Minutes Recording with USB Cable is a cost-effective looper, constructed in a solid aluminum frame. It is a basic looper, with one interface knob and one footswitch knob.

The single knob is pretty good for level adjustment or regulating the output volume of the pedal. All other features get controlled through the footswitch. It has a looping capacity for 10 minutes which is better than any expensive models. Besides, it offers unlimited overdubbing also, redo, undo, delete previously recorded loops.

It also has a status alert LED, which will prevent you from accidental overwriting. Even though it is an inexpensive mode, it is compatible with both Windows and Mac and can export and import .wav files.


  • Compact size
  • Easy to use
  • 10 minutes looping
  • Inexpensive unit
  • USB slot for import/export .wave files.


  • Limited features
  • Too small

7. Electro-Harmonix 360 Nano Looper Guitar Looper Effects Pedal

Electro-Harmonix 360 Nano Looper Guitar Looper Effects Pedal Loop

The Electro Harmonix 360 Nano Looper is a compact super capable looper pedal with significant creative powers. As the name suggests, it offers 360 seconds seamless recording, unlimited overdubs, and features to store the bars in 11 loops. The 360 seconds equally divides over 11 loops so that you will have 33 seconds recording in each loop.

The control knobs are easy to use, and it features with two buttons – one controls the memory slot while other the volume of the loop. In addition to the unlimited overdubbing feature, you can also enjoy the redo, undo and erase functionalities, which are extremely beneficial during a live or experimental performance.

Most of the Loopers in this price range don’t come with a power supply cord, but this looper provides you with an AC adapter. It is definitely one of the plus points one can consider. The high-quality, uncompressed audio is something impressive and rarely found in Loopers at this price range.


  • Affordable, simple, easy to use
  • Comes with a power supply cord
  • 360 seconds recording time with unlimited overdubbing
  • Unlimited redo, undo and erase features.
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Features analog-dry-through


  • Too many laying can deteriorate sound quality.
  • Limited features.

8. NUX Loop Core Pedal Looper

NUX Loop Core Pedal Looper

The NUX Loop Core Pedal Looper is an excellent choice for players who are looking for an affordable pedal with seamless functionalities. What makes it more acceptable is its durability and stellar performance. It is made of high-quality metal alloy, and its operational features are effortless.

You can record up to 6 hours of mono/ stereo audio and has the functional advantage of 99 user memories for storage. With 40 drum patterns, it comes with unlimited overdubbing with undo, redo and erase features. Even though it comes with multiple operation buttons, you can do the looping only with the footswitch. With 40 built-in drum tracks, which include the hot tap tempo features, it can deliver the best performance during a live concert.

The USB port helps to import and export files out of your PC easily. It also has three stop modes- fade out, instant stop and finish the loop stop mode. It comes with a user instructions manual for better understanding of the functions.


  • Durable and simple to use
  • LED indicators for record, overdub, and play.
  • Can record in mono and stereo for 6 hours.
  • 99 memory phrases
  • Can change playback tempo by not changing the key.
  • With extendable pedals.
  • Comes with inbuilt 40 drum patterns


  • Single footswitch limits operational freedom.
  • Drum tracks are not the best.

9. Boss RC-1 Loop Station

Boss RC-1 Loop Station

The Boss RC-1 looper Station is an entry level Looper pedal with features of mono and multi-level looping options. What makes it acceptable is its simplicity to use. It provides you with 12 minutes of stereo loop recording keeping the original tone of the music without any distortion. The last stored loop will remain in the memory even after you put off the looper. Another excellent feature about the looper is its incredible battery power which will offer your 4.5 hours seamless power supply.

It has an interesting LED loop indicator, consisting of 24 segments designed circularly, allowing you to assess the status of the looper. It also comes with an unlimited overdubbing, redo, undo and erase features.

To experience all the functions, you don’t have to toggle through various complicated control switches. It features only two buttons; one is the integrated pedal for play/stop, record, overdub, clear and undoes/redo and for the other one is just for adjusting the loop volume.


  • Simple and convenient to use
  • 12 minutes looping
  • 24 segment LED for status indication
  • Durable looper, will easily the last number of years.
  • Memory won’t erase after switching off the pedal.
  • Use 9V battery for powering


  • Can store only one loop at a time
  • No multiple memory slots.

TC Helicon Ditto Mic Looper Pedal

TC Helicon Ditto Mic Pedal Looper

The TC Helicon Ditto Mic Looper Pedal doesn’t come with much fuss. It is a simple looper pedal for vocal mic and instrument mic up. You can use it for seamless looping, undo, redo and overdubbing and let you enhance the effect of the music.

It is a mic looper, and that is what the specialty of Ditto Mic Looper. Instead of cramping the interface with many control knobs and switches, it features with two pedal switches, which control the looping effectively. The loop will continue playing until you stop and even if you switch off the loop, it will have the loop in its memory and start playing when you restart the looper. On the functional aspect of the footswitch, one footswitch controls the looping features the other stop and erase the loop. By using this looper, you can easily record 5 minutes of looping.


  • Easy to use mic looper
  • Automatic Mic Gain control
  • Unlimited overdub
  • 5 minutes looping
  • 24-bit uncompressed audio
  • LED indicator for status information
  • Balanced XLR input and output


  • No battery operation
  • Doesn’t come with important feature such as rhythm backing

Guidar Looper Pedals between $150-$400

10. TC Electronic FlashBack Delay and Looper Guitar Delay Effect Pedal

TC Electronic FlashBack Delay and Looper Guitar Delay Effect Pedal

The TC Electronic FlashBack Delay and Looper Guitar Delay Effect Pedal comes with 11 different variations of delays and can repeat each variation up to 6 seconds from subtle repeat to total time-warp. It is a remarkable feature of FlashBack Delay and Looper, which make one of the best class in this segment. Since it also features with TonePrint function, you can conveniently transfer any of the favorite delay settings. By merely strumming the guitar you can set the delay times by using the audio tapping features.

On the pedal segment, it comes with four control knobs and one true bypass switch, making the maneuverings quick and easy. You can have complete control over the sound by using the repeat, delay and feedback options. Similarly, its stereo in and out functions are quite flexible to use. For signal clarity and sound purity, it has incorporated analog-dry-through features. With a 40 second looper time, it can make an impact on your performance. The compact looper runs on 9V battery power.


  • No loss of tone True Bypass
  • 11 delay options including looper
  • TonePrint
  • 6 seconds delay
  • Online app with editing features
  • Allow custom pedal tweaks


  • No tap tempo
  • Difficult to find exact delay time for a particular song

11. Digitech JMSXT Jamman Solo XT Stereo Looper Phrase Sampler Pedal

Digitech JMSXT Jamman Solo XT Stereo Looper Phrase Sampler Pedal

The Digitech JMSXT Jamman Solo XT Stereo Looper Phrase Sampler Pedal product is capable of storing 35 minutes of CD-quality audio in its 200 internal memories. Addition of an optional SD card will enhance the capacity to over 16 hours of CD-quality stereo. The chassis is robust, and metal made. Using this product one can record loops of rhythms and solo without using hands. This item is good at slowing down or speeding up any without altering its pitch. Its Aux Input allows the user to import music from mp3 players and CDs.

The user can improve the energy of his or her performance with the help of almost endless loops. It features with ten drum loops of drummer Pat Mastelotto. For perfecting the performance, the user can apply Auto-Quantize, Auto-Record, three diverse Stop modes, and adjustable BPMs. This device is also good at creating a multi-looping system, and it converts the musical performance into a rich and full sound experience which does justice to the composition of the creator.


  • 200 built-in memories
  • Optional SDHC card expansion
  • 35 minutes stereo looping
  • 16 hours of extended recording options
  • Import with Aux input


  • The solo pedal can create confusion during live concerts.
  • Limited effects

12. NUX Loop Core Deluxe Guitar Looper 8 hours Loop Time,24-bit Audio, Automatic Tempo Detection with Footswitch

NUX Loop Core Deluxe Guitar Looper 8 hours Loop Time,24-bit Audio, Automatic Tempo Detection with Footswitch

The NUX Loop Core Deluxe Guitar Looper can record loops to the extent of 8 hours into its 99 saved memories. The audio quality is 24-bit high resolution with unlimited layers. The looper offers 40 alternative rhythms of drum including various genres and styles like rock, pop, jazz, blues and so on.

It has three different stop modes: normal mode, finish mode and fade out mode. The product comes with an added NMP-2 DUAL Footswitch that helps in easily switching loop phrases. This dual footswitch allows the user to access the verse, bridge and chorus parts of recording effortlessly.

The users can take back up or import their loops phrases by merely connecting their PC/Mac with a mini-B USB connector.


  • 8 hours recording
  • 24-bit high-resolution clarity
  • 99 in-built memories
  • 40 different drum rhythm
  • True Bypass
  • Zero latency


  • Some effects are not up to the quality
  • Some button shows functional issues

13. Electro-Harmonix 720 Stereo Looper Pedal

Electro-Harmonix 720 Stereo Pedal Looper

When you are looking for a feature-rich looper in an affordable package, then your search will end on Electro-Harmonix 720 Stereo Looper pedal. It is best suited for guitarists with 12 minutes of audio recording on ten autonomous loops and limitless overdubbing. They can perfect their practice and excel their live performances utilizing the compacted 720 Stereo Looper. The performer can find the sweet spot without the wash pedal but with the help of the Cock Fight.

You can tune in the tones as per your wish and demand of the composition. If a built-in distortion added, that would create more grind and growl. Alternatively, you can strike a voice-box sound by switching to the Talking Wah mode. For mesmerizing wah and talking pedal effects, you can connect an expression pedal. The effect can be with or without distortion.

The device can record two instruments at once, and it runs on a 9V battery which provides additional long battery life. The foot controller input is optional. It lets the user access three button foot controllers that can adjust the sound.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • A large variety of effects
  • Easy to operate
  • 720 stereo looper
  • Ten autonomous loops
  • 3 Button foot controller


  • Limited memory
  • No MIDI Sync

14. VOX Lil’ Looper Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal

VOX Lil' Looper Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal Looper

The VOX Lil’ Looper Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal is one of the best beginner guitar pedals that you can choose if you have a low budget. It combines two different loops with a minimum of a dozen onboard effects. It features with solid footswitches, user-friendly design, 12 effects and layering making it perfect for guitarists who want to experiment with the new ground in looped performance. Apart from this, the Loop Quantize feature creates perfect length loops and lets you synchronize the two loops to the desired tempo.


  • Dual pedal for recording, playback, and switching between two different loops
  • Loop Quantize feature to create perfect length loops and synchronize to required tempo.
  • Twelve built-in effects, including effects for guitar and mic input.
  • 90 seconds recording on two different loops
  • Infinite overdubbing with Undo/Redo options
  • Inbuilt instrument input and XLR Mic input.
  • Battery operated


  • It doesn’t come with a power supply system.
  • No reverse effect option available in this version.

15. Boss Audio RC-3 Loop Station Pedal

Boss Audio RC-3 Loop Station Pedal Looper

Though a bit expensive it beat the price in performance. From the house of BOSS, we have this fantastic looper pedal, the Boss RC-3 Loop Station, which can outsmart its peers in quality, power, and performance. The handy unit gives you 3 hours loop time and also features 99 memory locations for storing the favorite loops.

Overdubbing is relatively by using the recording button. You can use it as a stereo unit with the help of input and output jacks. The input and output help you to plug in many other devices as required for the performance into the loop and also support to plug in a new microphone.

It comes with red and blue LED indicators, which denotes the recording mode and play-back mode respectively. You can check the volume level with the help of the output knob. For creating a new backing track, you can use the ten in-built drum beats. Further to all these it also features a 2.0 USB port by which is useful to import or export music from the computers.

Operating the pedal is very easy. It comes with optional power features and can work on 9V battery power or AC.


  • Excellent quality
  • Dual inputs and outputs options
  • 5-year warranty
  • LED indicators
  • 99 memory location
  • 3 hours looping


  • Short life battery
  • True Bypass is not satisfactory

16. BOSS RC-30 Phrase Looper Pedal

BOSS RC-30 Phrase Pedal Looper

When you are looking for a looper pedal with excellent memory feature, then Boss RC-30 Looper Pedal can give a fierce competition to its contemporary looper pedals. The looper offers 3 hours of continuous stereo recording capabilities, which is a perfect option for professionals/individuals who want to perform for extended hours. You can store the loops comfortably in the built-in onboard memory since it features with 99 memory phrases.

The looper is a product of Japan, and you can find the technical designer perfection on this unit. It comes with double pedals and offers multitrack recording. It also has twin synchronized tracks coupled with select buttons and volume faders. For having a special acoustic effect, you can customize the loops with in-built effects. The unit just weighs 4 pounds and hence easily portable. It works on battery and AC power and offers excellent value for the price.


  • 99 onboard memory phrases
  • Dual pedal multitrack looper
  • 3 hours continuous stereo recording
  • Easy customization with in-built effects
  • True stereo input and output
  • LOOP FX for real-time loop editing


  • A limited selection of effects.
  • Effects on loops only.

17. Digitech JamMan Stereo Looper Delay Pedal

Digitech JamMan Stereo Looper Delay Pedal Looper

Digitech Jam Man Stereo Delay Pedal is a mid-size looper, which almost resembles the same size to the first release of JamMan, but of course infused with enhanced memory, sound quality, and some other excellent features. The new features allow you to save stereo CD quality loops for 35 minutes into the inbuilt 99 memory phrases. It also has an optional feature to use SDHC memory card, by which it allows to record 16 hours music/sound in stereo CD quality for an additional 99 memories, which means you can record on a total of 198 memory phrases.

The Jam Man Stereo Delay Looper has paid significant attention to the requirements of guitarist by providing four pedal switch interfaces, microphone features, stereo input, and output features. The microphone capabilities designed to accomplish through a balanced XLR input. Besides, you can find some additional features like reverse playback, tempo adjustments, three types of stop modes and an in-built metronome.


  • 99 internal memories
  • 35 minutes stereo recording
  • Expandable SDHC card slot for 16 hours additional recording & 99 memories.
  • Reverse playback
  • Four footswitches
  • Two extra pedals for remote switching of loops.


  • Cannot play multiple loops simultaneously.
  • Footswitches are slightly noisy.

18. Line 6 JM4 Looper

Line 6 JM4 Pedal Looper

Line 6JM4 Looper is commonly using by recording artists and is a super looper for jamming. It comes with 24 minutes of seamless looping, which is more than enough for recording music at a stretch. The Looper comes with more than 150 presets songs and bundles of tunes. Besides it also offers 36 tone banks created by artists.

When you have a Line 6JM4 Looper you don’t have to keep on tuning the guitar; you can simply start playing having no worries about the tune and tempo. It is a multipurpose looper. You can use it as an amp modeler, composing and practicing tool. Besides, you can use it as an effect developer. For the input and output, it uses exclusive aux and mic inputs. Moreover, it has input options for MP3 and CD and output for stereo headphone, amp, and stereo line.

The Looper has many features in addition to the standard features such as record/overdub, undo, half speed, play/stop and erase, etc. It is an ideal tool for guitarist and is the best Looper for professional or amateur guitarists.


  • More than 200 presets
  • More than 150 song-based presets
  • 36 user programmable presets
  • 12-line 6aim models from clean to insane
  • More than 100 endless jam tracks and drum grooves
  • More than 100CD quality saving options for jams
  • SD card slot for importing and exporting loops.


  • No tap tempo in Amp/FX mode
  • No input select footswitch when looping

19. Pigtronix Guitar Looper Effects Pedal

Pigtronix Guitar Looper Effects looper pedal

State of the art Pigtronix Guitar Looper Effects Pedal is a feature-rich looper, gives the freedom to make loops as the way you like to have. It comes series or parallel looping modes with nine loop presets and one blank canvas. For the performance enhancement, it features two stereo loops with sync and 2 with multipliers x1, x2, x3, x4, and x6.

Its design is capable of producing undistorted sound quality, with the support of analog pass through, analog limiter stages and on a 24-bit rate recording. The feature is extremely beneficial for professionals, as they can get high definition sound, especially during a live concert. In case, if the above functions are not enough to meet the sound quality, it will have another aux output for playing the loops. With the given USB port, you can forward the loops to your computer without any pitch distortion. Pigtronix Guitar Looper Effect Pedal is a perfect looper pedal for generating high-quality stereo effect loops. It is a fantastic looper pedal for live performance professionals.


  • Nine loops presets
  • One blank canvas
  • Two stereo loops with sync
  • 2 multiplier loops x1, x2, x3, x4, x6
  • 24-bit recording
  • Analog pass through
  • No looper lag and tone degradation


  • Expensive
  • No dedicated undo/redo switch

Looper Pedal Buying guide

An essential aspect before buying any product is to have thorough knowledge about the product, rather than having half baked information and what is its application. If you know exactly what is the purpose of buying a looper pedal and its usages, then the selection will be easy for you. Reading further will give you some necessary understanding of looper pedals, which will help you to take an appropriate decision before buying the looper pedals.

The concept of loopers are not new in the music industry; hence you can find multiple choices in the market from reputed companies. Some loopers are simple to use, and others are feature rich. Similarly, you can find looper pedals built with a solid construction, but on features wise, it may not sound good like the one packed with excellent features.

You need to look for a looper pedal without paying attention to its external appearance and go for its sound quality, recording abilities, looping, etc. When you need a looper that can meet your preferences, and deliver special effects such as delay acoustic performance, then you need to buy a multiple pedal looper matching to the requirement. Therefore, you need to have a better understanding of its options, your preferences and also its features.

Let us check the critical factors to consider in a looper pedal.

Check the memory features:

Memory capacity is one of the basic features you much check and confirm before buying a looper pedal. All looper pedals come with an in-built memory, and the memory capacity varies depending on the model and make. The latest lopper pedals come with extendable memory. It will have features to expand its memory by using an SD card.

For keeping the stereo quality of a looper recording in CD, you need to have SD card expansion features. You need to select looper pedals with a high memory or low memory. Some looper pedals have recording memory for hours and some for few minutes. If your requirement asks for a higher recording memory looper, then you must go for sizeable built-in memory looper or a unit with an SD card extension option.

Mono output or stereo:

It will be better to choose a looper pedal that has both mono and stereo output options. The mono output is perfect in the event if you want to use it for jamming. But it cannot use with a stereo effect recording, and for that purpose, you must have a looper pedal with stereo output. If you can buy a looper pedal with both options, you can change the sound to stereo output by using the pedal.

The number of pedals and switches:

The number of pedals in a looper is significant when you want to use it in a professional environment, especially for stage or live performance. Both switches and pedals are necessary to use for getting the desired performance quality of the looper. A looper with a single pedal will be fine if you want to use in a small set up, but for a large live program, you must use multiple pedal looper to move from one loop to other for accomplishing different features. When using a multilayered loop, the looper pedal should have multiple pedals and switches.

Now a day it is possible to add extra pedals on a single pedal looper. When you add additional pedals, it can offer the exact quality of looper with inbuilt multiple pedals. For doing the pedal extension, you need to spare some extra money. Before you plan to buy a looper pedal, evaluate your requirement and if you feel that you should have a multiple pedal looper than you should not settle with a single looper pedal.

Multiple loops:

Multiple loops are better than solo looper pedals, as with a single looper you can play only one loop at a time. Single looper is perfect when you are performing a solo concert. However, when you are playing a song, it is essential to use multiple loopers. So, if you can use multiple looper pedals, it will allow to record multiple loops and use for playback, which is necessary to create a complex effect on tunes and songs. For professionals, we recommend using multiple lopper pedals.

Reverse looping:

Reverse looping is a wonderful feature by which you can play around with the recorded bars. By reverse playing a loop, it can create a fantastic effect to the music. It is one of the advanced features and when you are buying a looper pedal, look for whether it has reverse looping feature. It is ideal for people who want to do experiments with the guitar and other musical instruments.

Types of inputs:

It is imperative to look for the type of inputs while choosing a looper pedal. So, give a good thought on it and understand your requirements. A quarter inch input is commonly in use input type, which is the standard input cable from the guitar. Other than the standard input type, you can find many other type inputs such as the XLR or microphone inputs. Yet another kind of inputs are the aux jacks for MP3 players or other music devices. You can also connect pedals with a computer by using the USB ports and transfer the loops. All these input options are great for looping, and it will give better flexibility in controlling the looping actions. Therefore, look for the input options available with the looper pedals.

True Bypass:

Look for looper pedals that come with true bypass as it cannot affect the tone when you do the looping. The feature will allow the in and out tone to remain in the same pitch without any distortion. We can find some pedals deliver distorted or inferior quality playback when the pedal is off since the signal gets affected in that mode. Pedals with bypass mode can maintain the tone quality.

Check the budget:

Any product with advanced features will bear a price matching to the quality and performance assurance. Price is not the only factor that decides the quality of the looper. Of course, reputed brands may have more reliability; however, you can find looper with the matching specification with a much lower price than a reputed brand.

You can find a basic looper with standard features below $100 to state of the art technologies around $500. Basic loopers are ideal for beginners and non-professional performers. Looper pedals with cutting edge technologies are suitable for professionals who are always on the pursuit of music experiments.

Frequently asked questions:

What is a looper pedal?

A looper pedal is a recording device, which allows recording any particular segment of the guitar notes or musical instrument song bar. You can replay it repeatedly as and when required. It is ideal for a live concert, as it can create a backing track and let you play along with other notes.

How does it work?

It works like a recording unit and the recording time varies depending on the in-built recording memory. A looper pedal records the music signal/guitar signal and keeps in the loop. You will have the option to playback the bar immediately or whenever you want. Some looper pedal model also offers features to add more effects to the pre-recorded bits. Latest looper pedals with complex features will have an advanced option to record and create effects.

The usage of looper pedals in electric and acoustic guitars differs. In the acoustic guitars, you need to plug the guitar into the looper input whereas; in electric guitar, you have to insert the looper pedal into the signal chain. The simplicity of using a looper pedal is the most attractive feature, as it allows superb performance and the user can control the equipment with foot pedal switches with a tap. The looper pedals will also have multiple switches ideal for producing effects matching to the functions.

What can you do with a looper pedal?

  • You can record solos. It is ideal for practicing solo techniques, which enhance your skills.
  • It can use for composing music. You can develop music and then later add lyrics to it.
  • With a recorded looper, you can listen and understand how a bit/chord played by the guitarist. By using the auxiliary input, you can check the lick performance of the guitarist. What you have to do is to plug in the mp3 song and slow down the song without affecting the pitch and listen carefully how guitarist played the bit.
  • You can experiment with tones and effects to develop unique music bar.

What is analog dry through?

The feature splits the signals into two, and one portion use for digitalizing and other portion kept as it is without any change, which is the dry portion. The feature will help to keep the purity of the unused sound. You cannot find this feature in all loopers, so check for the features if you want to have it.

Which are the best pedals to select from multiple or single pedals?

The function, utility, and output are different on both types of equipment. Instead of going after single or multiple pedals/switches, you should have a clear understanding of the applications. Therefore, you should choose a looper that is matching to the requirements for having the best results.

Using a single pedal/switch will be a tiring experience particularly in a live concert, as you have to change the switches to get the desired effect manually. But if you could use a multi-pedal, it will make operations easy for you. Therefore, we recommend professionals to settle with multiple pedals.

Single looper pedals are less costly and are easy to carry around. For a personal practice session, it is good. Even if you want to have more loopers, you can connect them together and use as multiple loopers.

Both are good and depends on how do you want to use it. Professionals always prefer multi pedals. Even if you buy single pedal loopers, there are some single pedals comes with extendable features to convert it as multiple pedals.

Is it necessary to buy additional accessories to plug in and synchronize a mic?

Not necessary, if the looper comes with dual input features. With a double input looper, you can synchronize and plug in both guitar and mic.


The review deals with two segments of looper pedals, one with a value under $150 and the other value above $150. We have adopted a neutral approach to each of these products and analyzed through its pros and cons. Some looper pedals genuinely stand with the promised performance to meet the expectations of the professionals. Meantime, the solo looper pedals also perform better in the given parameters meeting the expectations of a beginner or solo performer.

All the above-referred looper pedals have its advantages and disadvantages, but your preference for selections matters a lot when you choose a particular model to purchase. We would say each of these pedals is perfect in their areas, where they designed to deliver the best output whether in a live concert or solo/practice session.

Since the applications of the pedal loopers are different, you cannot compare a solo effect looper with that of a multi-effect looper. All the above-referred lopper models are fantastic, and none of these models disappoint you in the area where they designed to enhance your performance. If you know what exactly you want to loop and how many loops you want to save and playback, then accordingly you can close the deal, considering your budget options.


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