What are the best metal guitar brands of all time?

Beyond The Shredder

When it comes to the metal guitar world, delivering an overwhelming performance is much more than just the dexterity of the shredder; what oozes out the captivating sound matters too. In fact, it is the real deal!

From heavy strumming to mild thrumming; gappy plucking to reckless soloing, you as a metal guitarist need a brand that gives you the entire fill and feels. Of course, not every guitar set to overdrive on the amp can provide that blazing resonant sound and thrilling appeal you would like; and apart from the headstock which is a crucial factor to watch out for when choosing a guitar brand, the pickups, the bridge, fret boards, electronic hardware are worth considering too. Hence, this piece has been written to educate you on the best metal guitar brands you should have in your heavy metal collection.

Out of the bunch, there’s only a few

Over time, several metal guitar brands have been created. With the popularity of heavy metal music in the 80s came the superstrats with their pointy appearances, powerful sound, and rigid designs. We saw the Fender Stratocasters too with the blend they provided. Eventually, the evolution of metal instruments to accommodate the nu metal, death metal, grunge, and alternative metal genre in modern times has featured newer brands with novel modifications. However, only a few of such brands have proven their worth in the metal ring evolving with the times. These brands have shown that what’s best comes with absolute uniqueness, a quality that is second to none. Talk about resonance, shape, quality, durability, affordability, and comfort, they are all you need to tune up the buzz.

Purely the best brands

Here are some of my picks for the best metal guitar brands:

Jackson Guitars

The ever present Jackson brand of metal guitars has come a long way in the game with their prolific styles and cool designs of heavy sounding guitars. Its trajectory spans from the 80s till this present time. They hold an iconic reputation in the heavy metal deal. In fact, hardly would you see a band that didn’t augment its stage thrill with a Jackson. It also featured in the heydays of some terrific bands in the metal entertainment like the sunset strip, the crushed butlers, and the deviants. Some say it’s the best choice for any metal guitarist; I wouldn’t say less.

The Jackson brand is notable for its production of the quality instruments to soothe the need of guitar players regardless of their level of play. It never matters if you are a tyro on the metals or a pro, you would definitely find a Jackson that corresponds with your dexterity and showcases your skillfulness. That’s one reason Jackson is deemed the best.

On its spectacular collection are the Soloists, Dinky, Rhoads, Kelly and King V. The Soloist was designed in the superstrats typology featuring sleek bridges and an alluring neck-thru construction. It is a masterpiece and an ideal for any solo-guitarist. The dinky were built to resemble the soloist models but with a lot in between. Its unique design features a bolt-on neck which was different from the soloist’s neck thru and it was also distinct for its reverse headstock design. It was the guitar that rocked the 80s. The Jackson’s Rhoads was the brain child of the legend, Randy Rhoads. It was designed based on his specifications. This guitar features a pointy design and was apt to thrill.

On the Jackson modern line up is the JS series – a classic Jackson which is quite affordable; the Pro series which you don’t have to be a professional to play. There’s also the X series which features a blend of neck-thru designs on a cosmopolitan metal.


This is also a formidable brand of extreme metal guitar. They also have quite a reputation in the production of sleek blazing guitars. They are renowned for their flat necks that most shredders would prefer. In fact, they were the pacesetter in the production of seven-stringed and eight-stringed guitars.

The Ibanez line up has quite a number of mind-blowing designs with the top notch RG series and S series. Equipped with its own creativity, Ibanez produces its hardware and electronic components in-house. They are at the frontline of creating different sleek designs of guitars with top bridges and humbuckers.

As highlighted the RG and S series are masterpieces when it comes to Ibanez guitars. While both designs might look somewhat similar, there exists a great deal of differences. For instance, while the RG series are made from basswood which has a deep, sonic tone with a reasonable degree of resonance, the S series is made from Mahogany which is a more quality sounding tonewood than the basswood. When it comes to sound, the RG bleats more of a heavy-knit classy sound while the S series is apt for heavy metal with its blazing and vibrating tones. Modern brands of Ibanez include the genesis series and the wizard brands.

· Charvel

In the hands of superstars like Henrik Danhage, the charvel guitar is magic. Its sound sweeps through the arena like a storm and its tone diffuses through the aura of the atmosphere leaving the audience fixated to the awe of the music. Since the late 70s, Charvel has whoa the metal world with its amazing collection. Renowned for being hot-rodded superstrats, it’s a formidable brand in the metal space.

Solo-shredders fall in love with the Charvel brands for its simple designs. When synced with distortion pickups and amplified with an overdrive, its blazing knows no bounds. With newer brands like the USA select DK24 and other models like the Pro mod series reputed for high performance and versatility, Charvel is where elegance meets quality. It continues to reassert its presence in the guitar industry with its terrific collection.


This brand came onboard in the late 1990s and it was an off-shoot of the big glitz brand, ESP which was exclusively for the high-earners or rich players in the game. Initially, the ESP guitars were expensive high-end customized guitars and weren’t accessible to an average guitarist. However, the ESP-LTD came to douse the surge by producing guitars which sustained the classic design of ESP but were now more affordable. When it comes to sound, the ESPs are the bomb; when it comes to designs, they produce one of the best.

The ESP-LTD brands of guitar comes in different notable models like the arrow-series, the 87 series, the black metal series, the EC series, the F series, the H series, M series and other amazing models. Whether you want to play for fun or play expressly for the money, there’s surely one to pick from the ESP-LTD brands of ravaging metal strings.

· Gibson

The Gibson name dates back to the 1970s. The flying V version and the Explorer were the toys of legends in the early era of heavy metal music. Gibson is the proud producer of the high sounding Les Paul guitars. In the view of some guitarists, many guitar designs were tailored towards the Les Paul. This was owing to its perfection in sound, shape, resonance and design.

One unique characteristic of Gibson guitars is that they are a blend of mahogany and metals. Mahogany is known to enhance the guttural rumbling of the instruments. They are perfect producers of sleek metal guitars too. With an iconic production such as the flying V, Explorer and the SG versions, Gibson stands as one of the best metal guitar producers in the world.

While Gibson is such an amazing guitar, it is however not an easy to buy instrument as it appears to be quite expensive and not a child’s play for a budding guitarist with a low budget.

· Schechter

It is impossible to name one of the best brands of metal guitars without considering the big name, Schechter. Over the years, this fast rising brand has come to stamp its name on the rolls of the big boys in the game. In the drill, Schechter possesses some of the meanest guitars for the funkiest jamz.

With exclusive versions such as the Hellraiser series which is a blend of modern and classic design, the c-pro series, demon series and the platinum series, it is no doubt that Schechter is a formidable brand. Characteristic of the brands are sleek designs and reverberating tones and this guitars are never stereotyped. Schechter is also known for providing a spectacular range of choice on its pickups, and impressive neck styles. In all, it is a brand suitable for any level of metal playing.

· B.C Rich

Another viable creators and grand innovators of metal guitars is the B.C rich company. They hold a reputation for producing terrific guitar models like the Mockingbird, Bich and Virgin. In all honesty, B.C rich is a legend when it comes to guitar production. In fact, this is their 50thyear in producing value driven guitars. Their guitars are one of a kind with the notoriously rich blend of tones and resonance they produce.

B.C rich is home to some of the finest guitars like the legacy double neck series, extreme models and prophesy series. The BC rich pro x warlock with its 24 fret Ebony fingerboard is a spectacle to behold.

· Dean

With a classic such as the ML which was made popular by Dimebag Darrel Abbot who was an iconic shredder for the Pantera band, Dean glam guitars is a force to reckon with in the metal world. Famous for their unique V-shaped body designs and v-heads, they are the real deal when it comes to unique designs and powerful buzz.

Dean is also notable to have produced heavy thrash metal guitars. Also, a remarkable guitar signature produced by Dean was driven by the legend, Dave Mustaine who was the pioneer of the Grammy award-winning band for best metal album, Megadeth in 2017.

This brand is on the indeed notable for its sleek guitars. From the headstock to the fret boards, the bridge and the body, their guitars are always spot-on.

· Fender

Talking about best metal guitars and not mentioning a front runner like Fender in the glam metal industry is like trying to suppress the truth. Fender guitars have come a long way too with their smart collection of guitars since the company was founded in 1946. An unforgettable epic masterpiece is the Fender Stratocaster series. Other series in their amazing collection include the telecaster and precision.

Over the years, the strats and telecasters have been modified to fill up the vacuum. More designs were created to carter for solid slam metal tones. When it comes to affordability and durability plus quality, Fender is a hot pick. Not only is fender notable for metal guitars, they are also one of the best in the production of massive guitar amplifier and other acoustic enhancers.

· Washburn

On top of pile too is Washburn guitars. This amazing brand has shown the metal world its capacity by reeling out fantastic models over the years. A0t the top of their collection is the Nele series which was wielded by superstar, Nuno Bettencourt, an amazing lead guitarist who played for the Extreme band. An inspiration piece from some vintage classics

Washburn is all shades of uniqueness as their guitar comes with smaller body designs and the Floyd Rose bridge which is apt for the drill. Their natural finishing and powerful pickups is remarkable too. All these are the essential feature of the N-series. What’s more, apart from the quality it exudes, most of Washburn’s collection is quite affordable.

Other models in the collection include the Parallexe series which provides a metal blend with classical designs. This series is specially designed for heavy shredding and metal vibes. There’s also the Sona master series, the Idol series, the Hollow body series and lot way. of a truth, Washburn’s proficiency in creating some of the world best metal throng is not debatable.

From the finest blend to the meanest metal throng, all the brands identified in this piece are surely the best in the metal world.

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