Best Metal Guitars Under $1000

Best Metal Guitars Under $1000

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Having a good and high-quality metal guitar is very necessary for whoever is making use of it. Both the advanced user and the beginner, but it is quite known that good metal guitars are expensive and not everyone would be willing or able to buy expensive metal guitars. Well, there is nothing to worry about, because in the article you would be shown a list of high-quality metal guitars under $1000.

These lists of guitar would make you barely feel that you are playing the guitar of under $1000 because of its amazing performance and high-quality material.

Top 3 Best Metal Guitars under $1000

Schecter Hellraiser

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The Schecter Hellraiser C-1 is a high-class metal guitar that is widely used by numerous guitarist because of its amazing build and audio quality which makes it not to be seen or felt like a guitar bought under $1000 and this is a major reason why this particular guitar is listed among the best metal guitars known under $1000. Looking at its design the Schecter Hellraiser C-1 has a very attractive mahogany body with a carved top, a carved double cut, fret board and a three-piece set-in neck.

Something I particularly love about this metal guitar is the fret board which is made out of Rosewood with its perfect 14” radius which gives you the ability to bend over a slightly large area of the pitch you work with. Regarding the body of this metal guitar, it possesses gothic cross inlays which create an additional beauty to the already beautiful guitar. Looking from the perspective of its hardware, this guitar offers you absolute and perfect stability because of features such as tuners, EMG Active 81TW/89 pickups, TuneStyle Tune-o-Maticbridge with a thru-body string attachment. The sound produced by this guitar is nothing less than superb.

The reason being that the Hellraiser C-1 produces very powerful sound wit tones that are versatile which allows you to switch in between humbucker modes and the single-coil without having any sort of difficulty at all. Since this guitar is being bought primarily for metal music, you would notice it is big yet produces an aggressive sound that matches up to your taste.

To summarize, the Schecter Hellraiser C-1 is a metal guitar that is a must-have for metal guitar lovers, you can also give it a try if you love deep and aggressive tones.


• Great finish

• EMG pickups


• The active pickups can sometimes sound flat

Yamaha RevStar RS720B

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This guitar is a superb guitar with a body structure that makes it easy and stress-free to handle combined with its strong hardware with custom-wound pickups and a sleek design that is created to handle even the highest demand of both an advanced and beginner guitarist.

From the perspective of its design, this metal guitar is of an ash-grey color with a mahogany body on which a flamed maple top is situated and polyurethane wires.
This particular metal guitar also possesses a Rosewood fret board which makes its handling superb. This particular guitar is very comfortable to operate. Both an advanced and novice guitarist can handle it with ease, the reason being its forearm contour and its heavy contoured back with double cutaways.

With all these features, it is no surprise why this metal guitar is loved by both beginners, intermediates and professionals let us not forget its affordable price too.
From the aspect of hardware, this particular guitar possesses a custom-wound VT5+ Tron, locking die-cast tuners, a Tune-o-Matic bridge, and an amazing Bigsby B50 tremolo, if these specs match your taste, then this particular metal guitar is the perfect pick for you. Thanks to the master volume, multiple tone controls, and three-way switch of this metal guitar, you can have multiple tonal options.

If you have been wondering how this metal guitar sounds, well think no further because it produces a superb and clean sound because of the vibration and VT5+ pickups. This guitar can perform other functions aside playing metal such as other music genres like Blues, Jass, or even Rock this is a result of its superb versatility.

To conclude, I would highly recommend the purchase of this guitar because of its superb qualities, you are sure to confirm the difference between it and other metal guitars in the market once you purchase it.


• It sounds amazing at all amp volumes

• Cool looking & simple to rock


• It doesn’t sound exceptional on high gain tones


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The ESP LTD EC-1000 is a superb and different metal guitar with an amazing price range of under $1000. It is among the most purchased metal guitars with its top-notch performance and quality. To start with, this guitar has a glossy, all-black, set-thru mahogany body which makes its appearance very attractive. This guitar is very comfortable and can be played with ease because of its mahogany wide neck and a 24-extra jumbo frets which makes it easy to grip.

Talking about the hardware, this guitar possesses two aggressive and very active EMG humbuckers, an 81 which can be located at the bridge and a 60 which can be found at the neck. In addition, the ESP LTD EC-1000 is designed with a tailpiece along with a TonePros Locking Tune-O-Maticbridge which helps in maintaining all-round stability. Not to talk about the audio of this guitar, it does a superb job in producing clear, high-quality sounds not forgetting that the EMGs also give a satisfying and intriguing detail and intensity to the audio.

If you get to a point in a performance where you would have to play a solo, the EMG 60 located at the neck is sure to give you a fabulous result.
Lastly, if you are searching for an affordable metal guitar that would provide you with consistency, smooth play-ability and a professional sounding then the ESP LTD EC-100 is the perfect guitar for you.


• Perfect neck-through construction

• It has an attractive finish

• This guitar offers a great value for your money


• For its price, nothing at all

Best Metal Guitars under $1OOO Summary

I hope this article has helped you understand that there are beautiful amazingly designed metal guitars under $1000 which are of good quality and equally fit to carry out your plans effectively. These guitars listed above are superb for your use with their amazing characteristics and quality ranging from durability to versatility and even a powerful audio reproduction. Therefore, no matter the metal guitar you pick from the above listed, you are sure to be satisfied with the guitar.






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