The Best Microphones for Home Studio 2021

If you are a professional or amateur musician and want to start your own home studio for recording your masterpieces, then you must have the appropriate set up for your home recording. 

Of course, most of the home studios require you to get independent equipment to start with; such as Audio Interface. With so many various microphones in the market, sometimes it is difficult to choose the most suitable one for you. However, we are going to review and list the best Microphones for your Home Studio build. 

Here is a list of the best Microphones for your Home Studio:

1.Shure SM57

This model of Shure is the most adequate for singing with high quality as a Cardiocod Dynamic Microphone designed for professional vocalists. Therefore, if you would like to record vocals or podcast with your home studio set up, this would be a great option to capture the best vocals with decreased noise. 

What is amazing about the SM57 is its capacity to record and amplify different sounds, not only vocals but also instruments such as guitars and drums.  

It is well-known for the tremendous anticipation of frequencies, which gives your recording experience the cleanest and high-quality rich sounds.

The Polar Pattern on the SM57 is Unidirectional, which make it considered on frequency response. Meaning you are able to position the microphone in a different direction and still capture the best amount of frequency at ease. 

Also, it is quite powerful when it comes to high frequencies recording of instruments. In fact, many drummers use this microphone for the home studio had ensured the quality of audio recorded without clipping. With a unique frequency response of up to 15,000 Hz.

The Shure SM57 focuses on isolating the main vocal/sounds from surrounding noises. That makes it easy to set up and requires no complex professional modifications to deal with background noises when recording. 

When recording from Home Studio and looking for an amazing quality with a budget, then this microphone definitely provides everything you are looking for.

Shure SM57 comes with a nicely affordable price starting at $100 USD for the microphone only without the extension XLR-to-USB cable.

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2. AKG D112 MK-II

This Microphone is great for home studio instrumental recording. It is designed especially for capturing the best quality of instruments frequencies such as kick drums and Bass Guitar. It can also capture great tunes from the amplifiers.

AKG D112 also provides low frequencies to make the most out of your home recording. It provides a reliable highest response below 100 Hz.

The AKG D112 MK-II does not require any further sound adjustments or EQ in order to have the best sound process. 

Also, reduces the background noises to the minimum in the room which provides great clean sounds. 

It is designed amazingly to adjust for instrumental positions with the built-in flexible mount features. Furthermore, it gives a nice volume chamber for top-quality thick sounds and keeps the Bass tunes accurate. 

It is important to note that this microphone is not recommended for vocals, as it is intentionally designed to suit the Kick Drums, Basses, Floor Toms, and Guitar Amps. Thus, if you are looking for high-quality instrumental recording at your home studio, then this is the perfect choice for you!

AKG D112 MK-II comes with a fairly affordable price starting at $200 USD. 

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3. Audio-Technica AT2020 XLR Microphone Home Studio

This is a tremendously amazing microphone from Audio-Technica is quite affordable and considered the best for home studio recording and streaming sessions. 

Audio-Technica AT2020 is completely designed for the best Home Studio experience, as it captures the best vocals at ease. This microphone is Cardioid and uses Unidirectional Polar Pattern. 

AT2020 is designed neatly with a nice-cut metal body and supports professional stand positioning to customize your own favourite style of recording. 

Unlike the other Microphones, this AT2020 is highly sensitive and could capture over 20 dB  SPL noise level. Thus, it makes a great deal for home recording and podcasting. It focuses mainly on capturing the best vocal frequencies. 

Audio-Technica has designed this microphone to reduce noise-pickup from the sideways, to improve the quality of sound recording and focus on obtaining a top sound source input. The sound production is one of the best high-quality focused pretty much on the speaker/vocal frequency to form a real-life-like output experience.

The AT2020 picks up sounds with tremendous accuracy. Also, it makes a great option for instrumental background while singing at your home. It is highly recommended for those who would like to play an instrument and sing along.

Moreover, if you are looking forward to recording your podcast, then this definitely works great for your home studio recording sessions. 

Audio-Technica AT2020 offers a nice price starting at $100 USD only excluding the XLR Cable and the stand. 

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4. Sennheiser MD421-II Cardiocod Dynamic 

This is another high-end quality microphone for home recordings. The Sennheiser is known as the best worldwide microphone manufacture that offers the best output for recording and streaming. 

MD421 II comes with a Large Diaphragm Dynamic system built-in which enable a professional audio reception experience capable of handling vast sound frequencies. Thus, it can provide amazing results when it comes to instrumental recording of very loud instruments such as drums and guitar amplifiers. Also, the Cardiocod Dynamic features a five-end bass to capture most of the vocal frequencies at the highest possible quality. 

Sennheiser makes the best microphones that are suitable for multi-purpose users. That makes it tremendously competitive to other microphones on the market. As home users would want to get the most of their home studio experience through recording vocals, instruments, and podcast. You can use this one quality microphone for different recording/streaming sessions. 

However, this MD421-II is a little bit more expensive with a price of around $400 USD. Therefore, if you are looking for a professional home studio recording experience then this Sennheiser mic is definitely the best option for you.

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5. Rode  NT1-A Cardioid Microphone

This RØDE microphone is one of the great microphones for vocal practise and recording at home. NT1-A allows an amazing frequency output for your vocals with a nice warm production. 

Rode NT1 is a Large Diaphragm Microphone which is another reason why this microphone is amazing for home studio live streaming and podcasting at the best quality.

It is known for its feature of noise cancellation and designed to focus on the best vocal experience. Thus, makes a great option for home studios recording as it can work well with instruments as well. 

The NT1-A package comes with a genuinely nice price of around $230 USD. The NT1-A package comes with a complete set for home studio recording. That includes the XLR cable, Pop filter, Studio CD, and dust cover for the microphone protection. 

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6. ASton Spirit Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

This Microphone is designed with a built-in pop filter with a unique stainless-steel sturdy body. This makes the ASton mic one of the well-engineered for absorbing the performance frequencies from different loud instruments. 

Moreover, with the built-in features, the output is a genuinely balanced mixture of clean stout sound. In fact, like other microphones on the list, it requires a separate audio interface with Phantom Power in order to run effectively.

This is a great deal for vocalists and voice-over actors who want to invest in a great-quality microphone.

ASton Spirit Mic supports noise cancellation as it reduces the background unwanted disturbance.

If you have a nice Audio Interface set up at your desk, then with this microphone you are set as you can plug directly into your PC and start your professional home studio recording. Also, if you are looking for a professional output quality microphone for under $300 USD, then this is the best option for you.

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7. Neumann TLM 102 

One of the best Microphones in the market for its professional audio quality. Neumann TLM is great with a home studio recording station. The LTM 102 is a Large Diaphragm Mic with a Cardioid compact design. When it comes to vocal and speech recording, the Neumann TLM 102 is definitely the best microphone to do this mission as home studio equipment. 

Neumann TLM 102 is built with Cardioid Polar Pattern with massive 20 Hz~20 kHz. Works great for either vocal or instrumental recording sessions. 

Moreover, the TLM 102 can boost the audio to adequate maximize frequency levels up to 144 dB. That makes Neumann highly favoured for its unique Sonic Style, strong and charming design. This Mic can produce around 6 kHz with a remarkably direct frequency response to capture clear levels and bass ranges.

Neumann TLM 102 allows for very high maximum pitch load levels. If you are a voiceover actor, vocalist, or broadcast producer then you would enjoy this professional microphone for home studios. 

Neumann provides one of the flagship microphones on this list, which makes it quite expensive compared to other home studio microphones. 

With under around $700 USD only you get amazing quality. If you are looking for one of the best microphones for your home studio, then this TLM is definitely the best option for you. 

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