The Definitive Buyer Guide For the Best Musicians Chairs

It doesn’t matter if you are playing the guitar, the piano, the ukulele, or a violin. If you want to be a pro at what you do, you will need to have good posture. You will need to have a place in your studio or your office where you will have the comfort to play freely with your instruments. So, you will need to get one of the best musicians chairs in the market.

This article will show you some of the best options for music chairs (Especially guitar chairs). This list is thought of with any kind of player on the mind. It doesn’t matter if you play the cello, an acoustic guitar, or a keyboard; all the stools that I will number in this article will give you the best backrest for your jamming sessions.

Any guitar player needs one or two guitar stools; And you may ask, Why two guitar stools? Well, any good guitar player knows that they need those two guitar stools: One with adjustable height and another one for Maximum Comfort.

In general terms, I recommend you to buy a performance stool instead of using a regular chair. The performance stools (also known as musicians’ chairs) are made out of quality materials. If you buy a guitar seat, some of them even come with built-in guitar stands.

However, something that you need to know is that there are specialized musicians chair for every instrument. There are guitar seats, drum thrones, and piano chairs. These versions are better than ordinary chairs because they are made to have the ultimate comfort for their user.

These guitars are perfect for getting the correct posture while playing any instrument (from a foldable guitar to an electric guitar; or even bass guitars), and they also come with extra stuff (for example, rubber feet, ergonomic backrest, built-in guitar stands, quality materials and a long etcetera).

The best musicians chairs on the market

First of all, I will start by saying that the chairs you will see in this article will not be specialized for musicians. Some of them are gaming chairs; others are Office Chairs. The main objective is to buy a stool that will help you to get a good posture while playing. You need to have a good position, no matter the style of music you play.

All the chairs you will see here are on a reasonable price level, perfect for any playing style, and made out of high-quality material (like solid steel). I didn’t include any wooden chairs because they tend to have awkward angles and have the lowest height of all the different options. 


This is one of the best options if you want to have a good posture while playing the guitar. This chair has one of the best designs on the market, and it was made to get you the right backrest. The chair’s height is perfect for playing the guitar or the keyboard without forcing the angle of your back.

The materials of the cushion bring a good balance for a wide range of bodies. So if you want a well-padded seat with a nice Seat diameter and some nice additional features, it is the perfect chair for any person who wants to have a comfortable position while playing a musical instrument.

4 out of 5 stars

  • It has the option to adjust the Seat Height.
  • Perfect for all the body sizes and different statures on the market.
  • It has nice Headrest.

The best chair with Adjustable Height.

 SPACE AirGrid

Space Seating is a brand that was dedicated to making a simple but very functional product that does not obstruct the workspace and, at the same time, looks attractive. It has an air mesh that ensures durable and resistant support during all the hours you will be sitting, and the wheels are specifically designed to be used in carpets.

However, this may mean that the wheels are not large enough for other floor surfaces. Despite this, Space Seating has alternative wheels that can be used with this chair so you can change them when you need to.

3 out of 5 stars

  • The backrest has enhanced comfort thanks to the air mesh.
  • You can use it for guitar practice anytime.
  • You can make some adjustments to the wheels to make them work on any surfaces.

This is a chair with enough details to enhance the performance compared to a regular chair.

Adjustrite For cellist

One of the best brands that you will see on the market related to musician chairs is adjusting. This brand is almost always used in orchestra rooms. It has a design similar to a barstool; however, the main difference it’s the backrest. 

Even though they have a price a little bit high, they are totally worth it, because they have premium quality. I would recommend them to any player that wants to experience how real comfort feels.

4 out of 5

  • You can regulate the height of the chair. 
  • It is perfect for big instruments like the cello.
  • It has Orchestra Quality to enhance the performance of the player. 

A premium quality seat for those that want to feel how they play at the big leagues.

 On-Stage KT7800 – Piano Bench with X-Legs.

This is a sitting chair that is thought to give more comfort to keyboard players. It is a small portable piano bench with three height configurations. It has a black vinyl padded seat and a safety lock mechanism for height adjustment and can be folded for easy transportation.

Its security locking mechanism allows it to be used safely, reducing the risk of it changing height unexpectedly while you are playing your favorite pieces.

This piano bench is of great quality, making it the essential accessory for any music lover looking for a stool that can be easily stored. The Stagg KEB-A10 bench is height adjustable and very durable.

5 out of 5 stars

  • Its backless design forces the user to maintain good posture, so it may be uncomfortable for some users to use it for an extended period of time.
  • Suitable for holding keyboards.
  • It is perfect for any body type.

A nice piano stool for anyone that wants to play the instrument without having backache.

K&M Performance

This is a guitar chair with a design similar to a bar stool. It is perfect for playing any kind of instrument; however, the principal one and the one that was kept in mind while it was being designed is the guitar. 

It represents a solid and professional construction. K&M has manufactured this stool with a high-caliber steel frame that is fully adjustable in height, along with an equally adjustable footrest.

The seat itself is the ergonomic type, which means that it is not round, and they have used foam covered with leather. The K&M Stool is not cheap. However, it is worth the investment. The level of comfort it offers simply exceeds most other stools

4 out of 5 stars

  • It is the perfect guitar chair because of its comfort.
  • Even though it doesn’t have a backrest, you won’t have any kind of backache because of the comfort of the design.
  • The barstool aesthetic gives this chair a nice finish.

Even though it has a design that can be a little bit uncomfortable, it has one of the best quality constructions on the market.

When are chairs useful for playing the guitar?

Not everything will be playing with your metal band. There are performances that include one or two artists and their acoustic guitars. As you probably know, acoustic guitars are much more comfortable to play when you’re sitting down.

In general, guitar chairs and stools are there to relieve unnecessary stress and provide more comfort. You can also use them for practice. In fact, practicing on a specially designed guitar chair puts your body in an optimal position.

What makes a good guitar chair?

Choosing the right guitar chair or stool comes down to several simple factors, most of which are quite logical. If you plan to buy this as a gift for a guitarist, it is best to look at the options before making a purchase. The first thing you need to know is what kind of design you want.

There are simple stools, which do not differ much from normal stools, while there are also quite advanced designs that incorporate backrests, advanced seating forms, etc.

Once you have this clear, it is time to review some basic concepts. Quality of construction comes as the first logical point. You will want to get a stool or chair that has a rock-solid frame.

The chair has to support your weight and your instrument. You’d be surprised how many weak chairs are sold that are not safe.

Modularity is another big thing. A good chair must be able to adapt to your height, the perfect position of the footrest, etc. Finally, the rest, or in other words, the padding. Getting something with a decent amount of padding is a good way to ensure comfort.

How to choose the best piano stool on the market?

Piano benches are used to keep the piano keyboard at an optimal level. The musical instrument does not usually come with a bench at the time of purchase, so it is a piano accessory that is purchased separately.

Piano benches are usually used to allow the pianist to sit individually. Still, they can also be dual benches, allowing two people to play the same piano at the same time to accommodate the student and teacher.

There are some features I want to show you that will help you decide what kind of bench you want and which one is best suited to your needs as a musician. These are some points to keep in mind:

  1. The wood used on the bench must be of good quality.
  2. The length and width of the bench must be appropriate for the pianist.
  3. Cushioning is key to spending time sitting at the piano. It is usually preferable to have a soft upholstered seat.
  4. An adjustable seat is recommended for the piano.
  5. You should be able to change the seat height as needed. 
  6. If you plan to play a duet or have a teacher play with you, a longer piano bench is needed so that both of you can sit properly. 
  7. Price, of course, is another factor to consider.
  8. Some piano benches have room to store books or other objects inside.

Padded or hard Benches?

This is a matter of needs. Hard seats can become very uncomfortable after a while of playing, especially if you do not adopt a good posture and do not have good muscle support.

Padded seats can tend to raise body temperature and cause excessive sweating (and they can also be very uncomfortable).

I personally prefer a hard seat that also allows you to move a little more easily, if necessary, to a soft seat. But as I say, it’s a matter of taste.

Adjustable seats vs. Normal ones: Which one is better?

If you are a teacher or lead a learning center for any kind of instrument where the musician needs to be seated (drums, organ, Acoustic Guitar, etc.), the bench will surely be used by different people so that an adjustable bench will be the best option.

If, on the contrary, you are a private musician with a certain level or a person who is just starting in this world, you will surely appreciate that the bench can be adjusted to your height.

If you have been practicing for a long time or you are a professional musician, buy a good brand and model of the non-adjustable bench, without any problem.

In the case of guitar seats, you don’t need anything too fancy (even though obviously a built-in guitar stand is something that is very interesting). The principal reason for getting a specialized guitar for your guitar playing is to avoid gastrointestinal pains during your jam sessions).

You can also find curious options, like a foldable guitar stool, for example, these options could be a bit uncomfortable because they have an awkward angle, and also the lowest height and believe me, you don’t want to buy the wrong chair.

The ideal is to find a chair that allows you to have freedom of movement while doing your guitar playing; just take into account your body size. You have to take into account the extras (for example, if it has a built-in guitar stand, if it has folding options or a padded backrest or if it is a stool with footrest options).

Also, there are specialized options for taller people (You always need to take into account the height range, or if you can make any height adjustments to the chair). Remember that the most important thing is freedom of movement.

The correct position for playing the piano

To maintain good posture and avoid injuries or overloading your muscles and joints, it is necessary to have some basic notions of how to position the bench in front of the piano and how to sit and play the instrument.

Some tips for a correct position at the piano are:

  • Place the bench in the center of the keyboard.
  • It is important that the bench be placed parallel to the keyboard.
  • Sit on the front half of the bench surface. If you sit further back, you will acquire an unwanted position, and your back will suffer.
  • Relax your legs and sit firmly on the floor, trying to keep your feet flat.
  • Balance your weight on the stool, relaxing your shoulders and arms while keeping your back straight. This way, you can easily move your fingers along the keyboard, avoiding possible injuries.
  • Following these simple tips will make it easier for you to get into the habit of getting into a comfortable position when playing your music on the piano.

Remember that in any case, your height range and height adjustments play a great part in having a good performance.

The best position to play the guitar.

To have a correct position while playing the acoustic guitar is something that will avoid muscular pains, and with time, it will make learning something easier. This is one of the aspects that more should be talked into account at the moment of beginning.

One of the first things that you, as a guitar player, need to know is that you need to use a comfortable seat when you are in your guitar practice. You can find some chairs that have adjustable height, and others that are just a comfortable chair.

Many students have serious physical problems, and of execution, because they don’t use music chairs, those problems are solved easily by making corrections in the position of the instrument in front of the body. 

Many guitar students have several problems when they try to play; they cannot see the frets, the right-hand does not play the correct strings, or they have pain in the wrist of the left hand; this is because the position of the instrument can be wrong.

Usually, this happens when you place it on the right leg. The correct position is to place the guitar on the left leg. The headstock should be at shoulder height. This position usually tires the left leg a little bit since we will try instinctively if it to be more comfortable. In this case, it is highly recommended to use a stand.

Picking the wrong chair can have terrible consequences (like Gastrointestinal pains, something that you obviously want to avoid during your jam sessions). So I wouldn’t recommend you to use a regular chair, especially if you are a guitarist, in that case, you need to have a proper guitar seat.

So, in conclusion. Even though sometimes you won’t need a chair, if you want to get the most out of your chair, the best option you have is to buy the On-Stage KT7800 – Piano Bench with X-Legs. This because it is not only of high quality but also has a nice construction.

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