Best small acoustic guitar amps

Best small acoustic guitar amps

If you are the type of acoustic guitar player that travels a lot, and you busk or do coffeeshop gigs, you probably need a small and compact amp, that's not going to weight a lot, and that’s going to reproduce clean and transparent sound.
Also, if you play in a small band with instruments that are usually louder than an acoustic guitar, you will need an amp that will make your sound cut through the mix.
Of course, if you like to play percussive-style acoustic guitar, you will need an amplification anyhow.

Obviously, choosing the best amp for your acoustic can be pretty daunting.
Therefore, we made a list of acoustic guitar combo amplifiers that are clean and balanced sounding, yet come in a small, convenient enclosure.
So yeah, take a look at our top picks for the best small acoustic guitar amps.

Fishman Loudbox Mini (Best small acoustic guitar amps)

Best small acoustic guitar amps
Fishman Loudbox Mini Bluetooth

The Fishman Loudbox Mini is a very popular small acoustic guitar amp.
Briefly, this is a 50-watt solid-state combo, with one 6.5’ woofer, and one 1.1’ tweeter.
It has two channels – one for guitar and one for a microphone.
The guitar channel has a 1/4’ input, a phase switch, and control knobs for Gain, Low, Mid, High, Reverb, and Chorus.
The microphone channel has an XLR input, and Gain, Low, High, and Reverb control knobs. Both of the channels share a Master control knob.

Furthermore, the Fishman Loudbox Mini has a Bluetooth feature, so you can play along with backing tracks. For connecting your device with the amp, all you have to do is press the Pairing button.
Aside from that, this amp has both a 1/4’ and a 1/8’ aux-in jacks.
Also, it has a Mix D.I. Output on the back, which is of course, great.


  • Clean sound;
  • Two channels;
  • Both Bluetooth and auxiliary input;


  • No cons;

Roland AC-33 (Best small acoustic guitar amps)

Roland AC33

The Roland AC-33 is a two-channel 30-watt stereo acoustic guitar combo amp.
It has two five-inch speakers.
Besides being a small and compact amplifier, the AC-33 is a very versatile amp.
It has a built-in Chorus, and Reverb/Ambience effect, an Anti-Feedback button, and a built-in looper.

It has a Guitar channel and a Microphone/Line channel. Each of the channels has a separate input jack, and controls for Volume, Eq, and Chorus.
Furthermore, the AC-33 has a Headphones output jack, a 1/8’ and stereo RCA Auxilary inputs with a dedicated level control knob, Left/Right TRS Line Out jacks, and separate footswitch jacks for the Looper and for the built-in effects.

It should be noted that the built-in looper can record up to 40 seconds, which is pretty neat. In addition, the AC-33 can be powered by either the supplied power adaptor or by eight AA batteries.


  • It has two channels;
  • Great built-in effects, and built-in looper;
  • Very compact and portable;


  • No cons!

Marshall Acoustic Soloist AS50D

Marshall Acoustic Soloist AS50D

In short, the Marshal Acoustic Soloist (AS50D) is a two-channel solid-state amplifier that kicks out 50W of power through two eight-inch speakers and one tweeter.
The first channel is for acoustic guitar – it has a 1/4’ input, and Volume, Bass, and Treble control knobs.

The second channel has Stereo RCA inputs, an XLR input (for microphone), and a 1/4’ input, plus Volume, Bass, and Treble knobs. Then, there is the Chorus effect cluster, the Reverb cluster, the Anti-Feedback cluster, and of course, the Master control knob.
Apart from this, the AS50D has a Footswitch jack, a Line Out jack, a D.I. out, and Effects Loop jacks.

As a result of the many options for outputting your signal, the two channels, and the built-in effects, the Marshal Acoustic Soloist amp is great for live performances.
Of course, just like any other Marshal amp, this amp is built like a tank.


  • Extraordinary clean sound;
  • Built-in effects that can be used separately on the channels;
  • Great set of outputs;


  • Although this is not a big of a problem, we must mention it – the speaker grill cloth is a bit fragile;

ZT Lunchbox Acoustic (Best small acoustic guitar amps)

(Best small acoustic guitar amps)
ZT Lunchbox Acoustic

The ZT Lunchbox Acoustic is a very small, versatile, and easy-to-use acoustic guitar combo amplifier. It has both an Instrument channel, and a Microphone channel, and it provides 75Watts of power through one custom-designed 6.5’ speaker.

On its control board, you’ll find the Gain, Bass, Treble, and Reverb controls for the two channels, the Master Volume control knob, and the Feedback cut switch.
While the Instrument input is on the control board, the inputs for the Microphone are on the back panel of the amp.
In addition, the Microphone input has a phantom power switch, which allows you to use a condenser microphone instead of a dynamic one.

Also on the back panel of the amp, you can find an Aux input, Send/D.I. and Return jacks,
a Headphones/Line out jack with a dedicated level control knob, an 8Ohm External speaker output, and a 115/230 Voltage switch.


  • Extremely Flexible;
  • Compact and portable;


  • Well, some owners are disappointed due to the amp’s loudness.
    However, we must be aware that a 6.5’ speaker can’t blow out a huge sound, right?

Orange Crush Acoustic 30

(Best small acoustic guitar amps)
Orange crush acoustic 30

This amp is a compact 30 Watt combo amplifier with one eight-inch speaker. Due to the fact that it can be powered by either the included power adaptor or by ten AA batteries which can last you up to five hours, this amp is considered as a highly portable one. As a result of that, this amp is great for busking.

Furthermore, it has two channels – an Instrument channel and a Voice channel.
While the Instrument channel has a 1/4’ input, a -10dB switch, a Colour switch, and three-band Eq knobs, the Voice channel has a combined XLR/TRS input, Phantom Power and Mic/Line switches, and two-band EQ control knobs.

Moreover, the Acoustic 30 has a built-in Chorus, and Reverb effect, and a Notch-filter which are all shared by the two channels. In addition, you’ll find a Balanced output, a Ground/Lift switch, Line out, and Effects Loop jacks.


  • Sturdy;
  • Clean sound;
  • Cool features


  • The channels don’t have separate controls for the built-in effects.

Blackstar Sonnet 60 (Best small acoustic guitar amps)

(Best small acoustic guitar amps)
Blackstar Sonnet 60

The Sonnet 60 amp by Blackstar is a combo that consists of a 60Watt two-channel amplifier, plus one 6.5’ speaker and a tweeter.
Admittedly, it is a very transparent and clean-sounding amp.

The first channel has a 1/4’ input, Phase and Shape buttons, and control knobs for Gain, Low, Mid, High, and Reverb. The second channel has a combined input, a Shape button, and Gain, Low, High, and Reverb control knobs.
Then, there is the Hall/Plate Reverb button, the Reverb Time, the High-Pass, Brilliance, and Master control knob, and the Bluetooth push-button.

Last but not least, on its rear panel, you’ll find a USB jack for recording, Ground/Lift switch, a D.I. output, an aux-in jack, and a Footswitch jack.
Additionally, the Blackstar Sonnet has a built-in tilt stand, so you can direct it at the hight of your ears, or you can set it on a speaker stand.


  • Clean and punchy sound;
  • Two channels with separate controls for Eq and effects;
  • Great set of Inputs and Outputs;


  • The High-Pass filter and the Brilliance knobs are too small for tweaking them on the fly;

AER Tommy Emmanuel Signature Compact 60

AER Tommy Emmanuel Signature Compact 60

The compact, and great sounding AER TE Signature Compact 60 amp is an improved version of the Compact 60 amp, tailored specifically to meet Mr. Emmanuel’s needs.

The TE Signature is a 60Watt combo amp with one eight-inch dual cone speaker.
Of course, it has two channels – one with 1/4’ input, and one with combined XLR/1.4’ input. Each of the channels has separate Gain and three-band Eq control knobs.
Then, there are the Pan, Select, and Level controls for the built-in Reverb/Delay effects, and of course the Master control knob.

On the rear of the amp, you can find a D.I. output jack, as well as a Headphones output, a Line Out, Effects Loop jacks, Footswitch jack, and a Tuner jack.
Unlike the original Compact 60, the T.E. Signature will send the effects from the amp through the D.I. out, and it has Emmanuel’s favorite “Midiverb” effect built-in.


  • Extraordinary sound;
  • Compact;
  • Fantastic-sounding effects and great output options;


  • Well, some players find this amp too expensive. However, this amp is probably the best sounding acoustic amplifier ever. So yeah, it is worth every penny.

Laney A-fresco (Best small acoustic guitar amps)

Best small acoustic guitar amps
Laney A-fresco

The A-Fresco amplifier by Laney is a 30-watt two-channel portable acoustic guitar combo amplifier with one eight-inch speaker.
Due to the fact that it can be powered by the lithium battery (which comes included in the price), by eight AA batteries, or by a power adaptor, this amp is perfect for all sorts of situations.

Each of the two channels has a combined XLR/TRS input, a shape button, a Chorus push-button, and control knobs for Volume, Bass, Middle, Treble, and Reverb.
Following, on its control board, you’ll find a Phase button, an Anti-feedback button, a Mute button, and a Master level control knob.

Moreover, the A-Fresco has an aux-in jack, headphones out, FX Loop jacks, a D.I. output with Ground/Lift switch, and a Pre/Post switch, a four-way Cabinet Eq switch, and a Normal/Eco switch for battery-life saving.
In addition, you can place this amp onto a speaker stand.


  • Great for the outdoors;
  • Loud and Balanced-sounding;
  • It has two channels, and it is packed with great features;


  • Some owners don’t dig how the amp sounds;

Acus One For Strings 5T

Acus One For Strings 5T

Indeed, one of the most beautiful looking combos for an acoustic guitar is also one of the best small acoustic guitar amps ever.
The Acus One for Strings 5T is a 50Watt, two-channel combo with one five-inch speaker and a tweeter. It has two channels – the first one has a 1/4’ input, while the second has both a 1/4’ input and an XLR input. Both of the channels have control knobs for Gain/Volume, High, Mid, Low, and Effect (Reverb). Although the built-in Reverb is a digital one, it is very warm and natural sounding.

Furthermore, this amp has an aux-in jack with a dedicated level control knob, a Master control knob, and a D.I. output jack. On its back, you’ll find a Ground/Lift switch.
Also, it has a speaker stand flange.
In general, this amp sounds great with all sorts of acoustic guitars, nylon, steel-string, and even electric.


  • Warm and natural sound;
  • Very good build-quality;
  • Beautiful looks;


  • No cons!


For the most part, small amps for acoustic guitars can be pretty challenging when it comes to dialing a good sound. However, there are small amps that really make your acoustic performance shine. Of course, they usually cost a little bit more, but yeah, they are worth every penny.

Namely, you can’t expect an outstanding sound from a cheap guitar, nor from a cheap amp, right? With this in mind, we are picking the top one amp judging by the sound, and not by the price.

Our absolute winner from this list is the AER Tommy Emmanuel Signature Compact 60 amp. This amp is truly an amazing-sounding amp. Also, it has all of the inputs/outputs that an acoustic guitar player would need.
Obviously, Tommy Emmanuel knows what a good amp sounds like.

AER Compact 60 Tommy Emmanuel



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