Best Electronic Drum Pads

Electronic drums offer a lot of things that acoustic drums don’t. Whether it be synth sounds, music loops, or click track capabilities, there are a lot of things that would work well along with acoustic drum kits. So, electronic drum pads have become the hybrid solution. You can place them in your acoustic setup to …

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History of the Drums

History plays a big role in any musical instrument. Its first uses and how it has evolved over time are interesting concepts to look back on. Drums in particular have gone through many shapes and forms over the centuries. Rhythms can be played with just your hands and feet. So, the fact that ancient civilizations …

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Practice Pads for Drummers

Practice pads are essential tools for all drummers. They’re playing surfaces that allow a drummer to practice patterns and stickings without making a huge noise from their drums. They’re designed to be practical, portable, and give an authentic feel that you would experience from a real drum. When getting a drum pad, there are a few things that you …

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Types of Drums in Orchestras

An orchestra is a large group of instrumentalists led by a conductor. They typically have four sections which include strings, woodwinds, brass, and percussion. Most people associate orchestras with classical music, meaning many people don’t listen to them. However, that’s not true. The biggest platform for orchestras to be heard in the modern world is …

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Cheap Drum Set Buying Guide

Drum kits can sometimes be very expensive things to buy. The looming purchase of an expensive drum kit is enough to chase many beginners away. Like with everything else, there are some cheap options available. Cheap drum sets often have a bad reputation for sounding weak and not being durable. However, those are comments coming …

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