The Best Microphones for Singers in 2021

1. Shure SM58

These are the best Dynamic Microphone for music production and vocals. The work great during live concerts and studio recordings. The SM58 is highly-optimized for musicians, as they reduce the noise capture from the surrounding environment.

These are truly the best option for vocalists for the high sound quality allowing a great range for vocals.

If you are looking for the home studio recording/producing of your own singing vocals the SM58 gives a tremendous value for the price. 

Nevertheless, the Shure SM58 uses an XLR connection and not a USB or 3.5 mm audio. Thus, a separated audio interface of the mixer device has required some kind of system to equip with a PC. Thus, it is a little bit more complex for setting the SM58 if compared to the Blue Yeti Microphones.

Overall, the SM58 microphone makes a great deal for vocals recording and comes with affordable price starts at $100 USD as you can start recording fast. 

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2. Rode NT1A

Rode NT1A are the best when it comes to mid-priced vocal mics. Rode NT1A are condenser type microphones that are rather considered one of the cheapest and the most suitable for Vocalists in the market. 

With Rode NT1A Ultra-low noise features you will get great audio quality and reduced noises for a decent price. These microphones include every single feature for excellent for the singer which makes great home studio recording. 

Moreover, the Rode NT1A provides a limited 10 years warranty for registered users. The microphone comes with a tremendous quality of around $300 USD. 

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3. Shure SM7B

This Cardioid Dynamic Microphone comes with an extraordinary audio quality but a little bit more expensive than the others. The Shure SM7B provide a high-level sensitivity to audio and vocal vibrations which supports catching up with clear vocals at ease while reducing noise transaction. 

The product is designed for professional vocal capturing as for vocalists and radio podcasting. 

This SM7B relatively provides great stability for audio vibrations to absorb and amplify the vocals to the utmost. The tremendous vocal focus support makes targets clear and pure spoken vibrations. 

However, this Shure SM7B is available for around $450-500 USD.

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This MD421-II offers the best quality between Dynamic Microphones. Comes with a Single direction Polar Pattern built-in. This Mic offers great quality for vocalists and professionals. What makes it even more special is that it is great for supporting instrumental recording from guitars and drums as well. 

For vocalists, this SENNHEISER Mic provides tremendous picking-up mid-low vocal tones with high quality.

The SENNHEISER is a great option for different musicians especially those who want to take the most advantage of vocal and instrumental recording at the highest quality. MD421-II provide all the quality recording you have been looking for. 

It comes with a little bit more pricy range at around $600 USD.

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5. Rode NT1000

This microphone is another flagship with quality and price range. NTK is amazing for vocal recording and singing production at top quality.  This comes with a Unidirectional Polar Pattern within. 

Also, this Rode NT1000 provides amazing vocal recording that captures the tube vintage tone. Which makes it tremendously clear and cool for singing right through this amazing tube microphone for extraordinary audio quality. 

Rode NT1000 is good for vocals with surrounding room or hall recording as it more than perfect for capturing the clearest vibration ever. 

NT1000 comes with exceptional price starting from $300 USD.

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6. SE Electronics SE2200

This is a Large Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone. The SE Mics are known for providing a wider dynamic exceptional range for vocals recordings. That ensures high-quality sound from any source and supports lower noises.

The SE2200 is made with a heavy metal frame which may make it less portable but durable for long sessions. With the built-in features, it makes great audio quality including the amazing design for quick adjustment on the go. 

Moreover, this mic extends electronic components with extremely tight tolerances provide low noise, coherent performance, and high sensitivity.

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This is a high-end flagship microphone with tremendous audio quality. The NEUMANN Mic manufacture is well-known for the worlds most amazing microphones production. 

The TLM 102 is a highly compacted XLR design that allows for recording the best audio quality at the highest rates. For singers and musicians, this microphone supports the vocal quality generating crisp and clean sounds. 

TLM 102 has the best audio experience in the market so far. If you are a professional singer or looking for the perfect audio recording experience this is the best option for you. 

Because of the NEUMANN high durability and audio quality, it has to be more expensive than others on the list with less than a thousand dollars.

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