The Best Top 5 Electric Guitars on the market

One of the first things that you may want to start playing a musical instrument is how expensive it will be to get not only the said instrument but also everything related to it. Every brand of Electric Guitar has different electric guitar prices, so if you want to know the best price, you will need to look for each brand.

In this article, I will try to show you some of the best prices for Electric Guitars that you will find on Amazon or any other store. Every one of the guitars that you will see here will be of great quality. I will try to center on those models that are in the cheapest price range but have the best finish and are durable.

Best Budget Guitars of great brands.

Ibanez ST-M24-SBK-PLAY

Ibanez is one of the best brands out on the market. They are very recognized for their great value guitars. The volume of their guitars is incomparable. It has settled a standard in how an electric guitar should sound. They have been pioners on putting Humbucker pickups on the bridge of their guitars.

This specific item is one of the best value packs on the market. It is a Maple guitar that has a pretty solid sound; however, even though most part of the body is from that tonewood, it also has other woods on the body. For example, the frets are made out of mahogany.

The use of different tonewood allows you to have more control over the sound scale and also allows the guitar to get higher pitches when you play it. But the best part of this pack isn’t just that it has a perfect beginner guitar, but that it features lots of electronic gadgets that can come in handy for a newbie.

It comes with an entry-level amp. I mean, it is not the best amplifier on the market, but it will be useful for a time if you don’t have any other amp in your house. It also comes with a custom case for your guitar that will be very useful, a tuner that will totally be of help, some picks, a hanger, and a strap. 

It is not at all a Gibson Paul, but if you are looking for a budget electric guitar online, this one has the Ibanez prestige mark behind its body and will totally worth every penny that you spend on it.

If you want a beginner guitar, you can go for an Ibanez Gio, a guitar of the same brand, in the same price range but with a construction perfect for beginners.

3 out of 5

  • It’s an Affordable Entry-level instrument that comes in one of the best packs for a good price.
  • The maple-walnut tonewood combination that you can find inside this guitar gives it a High Gain in terms of volume.
  • The body of the guitar is totally solid maple wood. It doesn’t use laminated maple.

One of the best single pickup entry-level guitars on the market. If you want a beginner guitar, this is an excellent option.

Fender Squier Affinity series: Telecaster 

Leo Fender was the creator of two of the best electric guitars on the market: The Telecaster and the Stratocaster. Squier is one of the cheapest brands when we talk about price range. When they merged together, they created the affinity series: it was a series of guitars that were similar to the normal fenders but cheaper.

I was going to choose the Stratocaster version of the affinity series; however, I think that at this price range, this model of the fender brands is better for a beginner. It has two pickups on the bridge, which give a sound clarity that can’t be compared or even replicated on other brands.

The frets on this model are pretty nice; it gives the user a very clear sound when you play any chord. Also, another good thing that this option has that you can’t obtain on other models is the vintage style, especially if you switch to the honey or yellow version of this guitar.

The tones that you will get with this solid Electric Guitar are the same that you will get if you buy one of the higher price fenders, so if you want to save some money, I will totally recommend you to go with this Squier. 

However, if you want something more like a beginner guitar, the Fender Affinity series has you covered. Fender Affinity also made a Stratocaster variant that is perfect for those that have never touched a guitar. It is the best guitar in this price range.

4 out of 5 stars

  • It has one of the most comfortable fingerboards that you will find on the market.
  • The body is made out of laminated maple with a combination of alder wood. It has a nice finish and a vintage touch.
  • It is one of the most comfortable Electric Guitars in terms of playing style. You can totally be in a comfy position while playing without forcing your back.

It has the Fender quality seal. Without a doubt, one of the best single-coil guitars.

Image Source:Amazon

Les Paul Epiphone LP Special II

Epiphone is a brand that sometimes can be a little bit expensive. Most of the Gibsons that you will find out on the market will be over the 200$ range. However, this is a very nice guitar that is under that range; actually, you can find it sometimes for less than 199$ dollars.

This is kind of a vintage-looking Electric Guitar. The style of this Gibson is similar to those that were built in the ’70s and ’80s. Even though it doesn’t use the same tonewood that was used at those times, its body is completely made up of mahogany; in those times, the body of most guitars was made of maple.

As the standard of the Gibson brand, this instrument controls the volume with the use of a humbucker. This allows the user to have bigger control over the volume. I will recommend this guitar if you have worked before with a strat because the layout is very similar.

 Another interesting thing about this Epiphone Les Paul is that the complete construction of the product was made out in America. This is just a little curiosity about the guitar. 

4 out of 5 stars

  • The Mahogany neck of this guitar is one of the best of the Gibson line.
  • The body shape is one of the nicest and most comfortable.
  • It has the Gibson Quality control guarantee.

An Electric Guitar that is perfect for the Beginner level and the intermediate one. It has a great balance.

Yamaha Pacifica Series.

As I have said before, Yamaha is one of the most multifaceted Electric guitar manufacturers. This company makes almost every kind of product. However, if you want to know which of the guitars of this brand is the most affordable, you will have to go to their beginner guitar series: The Pacifica model.

This is one of the most famous series on the market, mostly because it allows you to customize almost everything related to the quality of the sound. But also because you will need very little money to get this product. Nevertheless, because of the clarity in the music this guitar makes, it is one of the best options.

The construction of the Electric guitar is made out of a black alder body, combined with a rosewood neck and fingerboard gets a guitar that in the budget range of prices is among the most qualified. Also, the sound quality that Yamaha has is better than some of the most expensive Squier or Ibanez.

5 out of 5 stars

  • The rosewood fingerboard is one of the most comfortable on the market.
  • The position of the pickups at the end of the bridge has, as a result, one of the best sounds quality on the market. Excellent among intermediate guitars
  • Even though my personal preference is maple wood, the use of a rosewood fingerboard gives the guitar a vintage style.

If you don’t want a humbucker or have a very short budget, this is the best guitar for you.

Fender Squier Stratocaster Pack

The last specific Electric guitar I will recommend is another Squier. This is a pretty standard fender. It is part of the budget branch of the Squier brand, so you can totally find it on amazon for a price under the 300$ range. This specific pack is perfect for intermediate guitarists because it comes with an amplifier.

If you want to know my thoughts on this specific Electric Guitar, well I will tell you that Fender is one of my favorite brands of all times regarding guitars, and I think that the Stratocaster series is one of the best on the market, but I wouldn’t go for this one as my first guitar.

The reason is that, as I said before, it is a pretty standard option. If you are a beginner, you will need to get used to the positions, the chords, the tones, and all the different tuning styles. If you really want a Fender, there are other guitars from the same company that will suite better all your needs.

In the technical part of these guitars, well, you will find a normal mahogany body with a fretboard made out of rosewood. The body shape of the guitar has a vintage finish that would be excellent if you want to have something special.

It has two pickups, and some versions even come with a humbucker, so if you want to switch to the fender brand and have some previous experience as a guitarist, this is a perfect choice.

Without a doubt, I can say that it is one of the best intermediate guitars in the market. 

4 out of 5

  • The range of sounds that this guitar has is perfect for any genre.
  • It has great sound quality, one of the clearest on the market.
  • The frets are very comfortable to push. The finish is very nice. It doesn’t feel rustic at all.

For the price, it is one of the best intermediate guitars in the market.

The Average Electric Guitar Prices

Playing this particular instrument is more or less affordable. You don’t need to invest your entire fortune to acquire it, and its quality will respond perfectly to your needs.

The price range is big, especially if you lookup for a beginner guitar on the internet. 

If you look up online for the average cost of one of these instruments, you will notice that there is a wide range of prices. It is a hard choice to make when you have lots of different options.

You will also need some accessories to play the guitar. For example:

  • An amplifier
  • Jack cables
  • Or the tunning tools.
Electric guitar prices
Image source: amazon

These accessories are called guitar starter kits; you can find different brands that make only Guitar Starter Kits. The guitars on these kits are good in terms of sound and sometimes are intermediate level guitars. 

A recommendation that I can give you is that if you want extra cash, you can sell the intermediate level guitar that comes in that kit and buy one of those professional guitars. There are very cheap guitars that you can buy with the Extra cash of selling that guitar.

When choosing a guitar, you will also have to think about how to protect it. So don’t forget the case to carry it, the strap and the stand, this way you will protect important parts of your instrument, like the bridge. 

If you buy it second-hand, it will be easier for you to reduce the price range. The price of your guitar will depend on the use you are going to give it.

If you feel that music is your world and you want to dedicate yourself to it professionally, you will have no choice but to invest… And when I talk about investing, I mean paying more than 1500 $. (This is the average cost).

Professional guitars are a lot more expensive, mostly because they have better quality in terms of sound and master volume. There are obviously cheap guitars; however, if you go to a concert by Metallica (for example) you will only see Gibson Les and other level instruments.

This is because when you reach some skill level, you need a better master tone (and a better master volume as well), and even though if you play well, you can do an amazing performance with any guitar model, you will reach your whole potential only with those iconic guitars.

The Gibson Les, The Fender Bullet Stratocaster, The Epiphone Les Paul Sl, Esp Guitars, these guitars are the real deal. They come with better tuning stability, with a better master tone, and are considered Expensive guitars because they are signature Models.

However, I can promise you that with these guitars you won’t need to buy any other in a long time. I can assure you with total confidence that your acquisition will last for years and years. It can even serve as a legacy for your children and grandchildren.

The finish of these guitars are perfect, and the wood used to make them is impeccable (cedar, maple, spruce)

But in the beginning, it is not necessary that you invest so much money. You can easily find electric guitars for about 150 or 300 dollars-

This kind of cheaper guitars will serve you in your first guitar lessons, and the range is wide enough for you to choose from.

Some of these guitars that are on the cheaper range and are good enough are, for example:

  • The Epiphone Les Paul Standard, a vintage option.
  • A Squier Series Stratocaster, it is very cheap and one of the best fenders on the market.
  • Any Gibson Les. Especially the ones with Solid Alder Body and single-coil pickups.
  • An Ibanez, this brand is the signature guitar of Steve Vai. Steve Vai is recognized for this brand and the use of acoustic guitars from Yamaha.

There are other models that are also very fine, for example, the Jackson dinky (you must own a Jackson dinky if you are a metal fan), maybe they are expensive guitars, but believe me when I tell you that these signature models are awesome.

What determines the Electric Guitar Cost.

The electric guitar cost is determined by a lot of different things. For example, the entry-level models are cheaper than the ones used by intermediate players. This doesn’t mean that the beginner players don’t have money, but rather that intermediate players use better quality guitars.

For example, there are guitars that have a neck with rosewood; others have solid body bolt-on neck. Others use piece maple neck, flame maple tops, or mahogany body maple. You can find these variations at custom shops.

The ones that use neck with rosewood are better for beginner players and are also cheaper than the ones that use solid-body bolt-on neck. The Mahogany Body maple guitars are also much cheaper than the flame maple tops ones, and the ones that use piece maple neck are a little bit more expensive.

My recommendation is that you go over to a custom shop and ask the master crafter about how the different quality controls impact the price of an electric guitar. I am very sure that the master crafter will be happy to explain to you the different prices.

Do I need any accessories to play the guitar?

The answer is that it obviously depends on some things. For example, the musical genre that you will play, the kind of guitar that you will use. For example, the capo that you use in an acoustic guitar is completely different than the one that you use with an electric one.

If there is an accessory that is almost “mandatory,” that accessory is the guitar pick. The use of guitar picks to play the electric guitar is something that you should know. We use guitar picks because it allows us to have better control over the sound and the chords that we play.

In the case of the amps, there come in different voltages, so my recommendation is to buy one that has a voltage between 5 watts and 15 watts.

In case we want to use our amplifier in a rehearsal room or accompanied by instruments like drums or winds, we will need an electric guitar amplifier of at least 20W, up to 50W.

Finally, if you want to use your amp to perform indoors or outdoors, you will want to be prepared with a good 75W or more electric guitar amplifier. So with that in mind, you can get the best amplifier in the market without any doubt.

How does an Electric guitar works?

The Spanish classical guitar, the flamenco guitar, or the acoustic guitar sound because the soundboard amplifies the harmonic vibrations of the strings. The lid of the box is in charge of acting as a “loudspeaker” projecting the sound. 

But how does an electric guitar work? Many guitarists usually play, practice, and even compose using an unplugged electric guitar. But you already know that it doesn’t sound too loud, nor too good. An electric guitar does not have a soundboard to amplify the sound of the strings. But, How does it work?

The first designs of electric guitars were acoustic guitars in which a pickup was mounted. A pickup is essentially a magnet wrapped with a copper wire that forms a coil.

For the pickup to work, we need metal strings, not nylon or pig’s belly, as in classical or flamenco guitars. The metal strings moving within the magnetic field produced by the magnet generate an induced electric current in the coil.

In the circuit between the pickup and the speaker(s), many things happen that can transform the original signal from the strings. The same speaker will be in a sound box – or cabinet – that will also define part of the sound.

So it is important to know how many pickups are on your electric guitar to know how the sound will develop and project. It also has an influence on the clarity of the sound and the quality of it.

So the conclusion that we can get is that the best electric guitar price is in the range of 100$ up to 200$ and that if you want to get one of the best guitars on the market, you should totally go for any of the Yamaha Pacifica Series Guitars. 

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