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Types of Microphones

When it comes to microphones there are a variety of options to choose from. Whether you want to process a home-based or professional recording.

What are the best microphones in the market? It highly depends on the user performance and requirement of sound quality.

Here are the best-proven Microphones for all different users in 2021.

First, to determine what is the best suitable microphone for your use, one must look through the different varieties and qualifications. To help you select the most appropriate version for your purpose.

Mainly, there are four categories: Dynamic, Large Diaphragm Condenser, Small Diaphragm Condenser, and Ribbon Microphones.

But what is the difference between those Microphones?

Dynamic Microphones:

Those microphones will perform great for heavy-duty users. The Dynamic microphones are excellent for their quality versus price range as they are considered cheap and durable.

They use similar technology to dynamic speakers which work with recording. They are simple and does not require batteries nor a power supply which makes them more portable than most other types of Microphones.

Dynamic Microphones are marvelous for capturing loud close sounds. Thus, they function best for drummers and vocalists who want the best sound quality of their music.

Overall, if you prefer having clean vocals for live concert performance these types of microphones do the job effectively as they are budget-friendly as well.

Condenser Microphones:

These are the type of microphones that comes with several features. They are more complex than the Dynamic Microphones and thus they tend to become rather expensive.

The Condenser Microphones are more sensitive to sounds and could capture a more spacious area relatively that may include noise sometimes. Thus, this type of microphone is less used in public concerts or events for their high sensitivity which makes it rather difficult to focus on the speaker/performer vibrations through the microphone.

Condenser Microphones are best for movie production, professional recording, online streaming and studio work as podcasting.

They come in different varieties as well, sometimes USB or XLR thus they require an input platform or an audio interface to get the best out of the Condenser sound quality.

They are quite powerful for capturing sounds on high-level vibrations and amplifying these sounds to become even cleaner and less sturdy.

As they are two types of this category: Large and Small.

The Large Diaphram Condenser Microphones are what resembled in studio recordings. They tend to have a larger shaped design and specifically quite professional to capture the most out of the vibrations of the different sound.

Larger Condenser Microphones are tremendously sensitive to sound and vibrations. They produce better quality than another type of microphones and amplifies the sounds to become highly professional and clear.

Overall, they are great for professional recording and live podcasting because of their high sensitivity and loud vibration capturing features. These are definitely more expensive than other types of microphones. Thus, if you are looking forward to high-end quality for a marvellous audio experience then the Large Diaphram Condenser Mics are the best for you.

However, Small Diaphram Condenser Microphones are the minimized portable version of the large condensers. They have the most features of condenser microphones but the capacity is reduced to some extent. They work best for picking up sounds of instruments and vocals which works better on recorded sessions than live podcasting.

Small Diaphram Condenser Mics are also amazing for capturing stereo sounds clearly. They are most effective for prompt sounds in different spaces such as professional and home studios.

Thus, they work great for solo vocal or instrumental recording quite similar to the larger version. Yet if compared the Larger versions tend to extend the vibration capacities in capturing and amplifying the sounds to the top professional levels.

These are one of the earliest type of Microphone manufacture since the 1920s. Ribbon Microphones use two poles of the magnet which enables the sound process to get through from both sides equally.

Ribbon Mics:

Ribbon Microphones are great for their high durability as they could pick up loud voices and music which makes them an amazing choice for Rock music, radio/TV podcasting, and stage performance.

They have simple designs and does not require complex equipment settings. These also provide good sound quality without amplification. Ribbon Mic’s are the simplest and clearest acoustic type of microphones that does not require much effort to set-up at any time.

Robbin Microphones are best used to capture the performer’s vocals and for some string instruments.

Overall, when choosing the microphone type it is essential to acknowledge these minor differences to determine your preference better. It depends highly on every users’ purpose of purchasing a microphone.

Whether recording, live streaming, or professional podcasting. There is no need to hesitate as these categories clearly shift the way of utilizing the microphones.

Nevertheless, all microphones could be used on different occasions, it is wise to consider the need to use before purchase to make the most out of the microphone usage.

Now you have become familiar with the different Microphone Types, you will not hesitate to make a perfect choice!

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